Friday, March 25, 2016

Its Not Just Any Friday It's Good Friday !

Hola Dolls and Dukes and happy Good Friday too you all, I hope it was a good one. Already the year is counting down way too fast and we find ourselves at Easter. I feel like yesterday was just new years so if you are anything like me; I'm willing to bet that you were not prepared (meaning very nearly forgot). And had to scramble to get yourself together this morning, but hey I'm a girl we're made to handle last minute situations.   
We all know what it's like when you have to pull something good out of your hat last minute. Me! I'm usually the type the starts panicking but ive been working on  that. (After all it will be what it will be) So for my look of the day I kept it simple with my black dita dress (search for the review in the reviews section) but; I focused all the attention on my 1950s vintage cocktail hat.



1. Separate your bang section and pin it up

2. Brush the rest of your hair back, and take some pomade to smooth down flyaways. I like to use Suavecito pomade ( Gather hair into a low tail

3. Take out your bang and smooth the front with a bit of pomade after some light teasing. Starting at the tips roll up towards your face.  Pin it with the staple bobbypins, then do your adjustments. 

4. Grab your hat Dolls. Mine is a 1950s  vintage cocktail halfhat. ( ) The flaps of A halfhat are usually always placed at each ear. If you do that you'll almost always know you're hat is perfect (my great aunt taught me that one). 

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