Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vintage Hot Buys 💲: Lampfur Headpiece


   Winter's coming Dolls and its time to get out those Minks, Persians, Lamps, Raccoons and other  vintage furs out. How about this fabulous little number as an excellent accessory to go with your vintage fur coat?  Its sold on EBay in excellent condition and at 79.99 for a piece this unique you can't go wrong. But most importantly you can be assured you won't see yourself coming (👌)
   This Hot Vintage Buy is the first of my Hot Buys where I'll be sharing with my favorite Dolls not only high fashion vintage pieces at a bargain; but I'll show you where to websites that I have personally guarantee will suit all or at least some of your needs.
Fashionably Speaking...Joie Cuentista
Fur Headpiece


Thursday, October 16, 2014

HOTD: Back to Black / The Jackie-O

Yes we are back from hiatus and I am back to black! So here's a Quick one for you Dolls. I promise you'll look Jackie-O fab and all you need is three items or less. So let's get started:

A bunch of bobbies, some hairspray (if this is need for your hair), and a comb

Some kind of sheen is also great to have, I use coconut oil for everything. The brand in the picture is my preferred

And a hat

Alrighty Dolls this one is as simple as it gets, sometimes we get caught up in the beauty of all these complicated styles that we forget what its like to just fluff and go.  This gives you an idea of how you can maintain the authenticity of your look while still sticking to your time clock on in a pinch.
The Inspiration:
Okay like I said the beauty of this one is that its a get up and go. there's one step which is to part your hair to either, then place your pillbox hat on the crown or back of your head.
Its not necessary to curl your hair at all.  One option would be to fake all together by pin-curling the ends of your hair either tucked up or flipped under to mimic flip curls or curls. You could also just fluff out your second or third day roller-set.
If you're a curly like me there's no to go overboard with straightening your hair then curling them again. Just work with your natural curl (we've already got it why not flaunt it Dolls). Use bobbies to tame unruly strands and guide your tresses into the direction in which you want them to go.
Another option is to either put your hair up in a French roll and place the hat on crown of the head. Or you can put your head up in a really tight knot and tuck it up under your hat similar to an Audrey Hepburn style.
In the end you'll have something that looks like this:
Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista