Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Spotify Fly ; That's What We Are!

   Hey there Dolls and Dukes, I hope to find you all well. I also trust that new year's were wonderful for you all as well. As for me, my New Year's was great! Nice and quiet just like I wanted !

   So I have always prided myself on my diverse tastes in music, which is something that not all of us share. Im the type that will give just about any genre a chance However I find that once again the same cannot be said for others. They're many times that we often find ourselves preparing albums and  playlists for various events and parties. Only To be stumped because for many of us ; our love of vintage extends beyond just clothing. Yet sharing the other facets of our world can proove hard, especially when facing up to pre judgements. For a long time  I would relie on the top chart list for my playlist needs and keep my personal tastes out of it.  I found thru the years however that most of the classics mix surprisingly well with modern music. The key is finding the right mix for instance we all know there's nothing new under the sun. Since styles and trends rotate so frequently many older songs can pass for today's music anyway. Also instead of playing the remake like for example Kanye West's "Golddigger" play the original by Ray Charles.  Whatever songs you choose just have fun and don't be afraid to share your music. 

Enjoy our own personal playlist! Click the link below!


Born Too Late Party List.