Friday, December 19, 2014

Pinups for Patriots


       I am a firm believer that its important for a person to devote at least an increment of their time to some charitable work, organization, or good cause. Along with the obvious (which is no one should have to tell you to be charitable) what it does for your sense of self as well as those in need; is more than I can say.  Christmas and New Years  are two of the most popular times of the year in which to volunteer your time to any charitable organization or cause. However i'm sure you've seen reports on the lack of contributions and volunteering through the years. In my opinion there's no greater way to get yourself into the season of giving by combing your sense of charity with something you are already passionate about. And these organizations sorely need your help.
   One of the biggest excuses people give is not knowing where to donate their time. Or not being able to find a place that actually interest them; for many as great a soup kitchen or shelter is, they hold no interest to them. Many are even  quite intimidated once they find themselves in such environments. So if you're like many others and are considering donating money, time, or like me and want to help get the word out about the charity of your choice-your solution is very simple. Combine your interests, hobbies, or talents and make use of them with the corresponding charity of your choice.

    If you're like me   and share a love for the vintage lifestyle;  Pinups for Patriots is an amazing for-profit business bringing back the good old tradition of the original classic pinup.  They're owned by female vets who as of now have twelve different chapters running in twelve states. The organization which is also the nations largest pinup organization- is most known for their famous pinup calendar's which they put out each year. But Pinups for Patriots has proudly grown and prospered into something much more, now have events, tours and much more. Not only do they have a great message but they do an amazing job entertaining our troops both here and over seas, there an amazing morale boaster and that's enough to make this organization a godsend. If you've ever dreamed of becoming a classic true-true blue pinup this is an amazing opportunity and you couldn't pick a better cause. The selection process is stiff, but come on I think we can forgive them for that considering. After all they only want the best our brave patriots. However let me remind you the model is only  a small part of organizations like this one, they need all sorts of volunteers. It never hurts to contact and see what they need, it's for a good cause.

Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista


Friday, December 5, 2014

Vintage Hot Buy $ : 60's Apricot Brocade Party Suit

   It's officially the holiday season and its time to plan all those party outfits Dolls. I must admit there's nothing better than that much anticipated party, spending hours to look your optimum best. Stuffing yourself full with prize dishes of each of your favorite family members, co-workers and friends. Dancing the night away to Bing, Sinatra, the Temptations, and the chipmunks and lets not forget immortalizing the memories in pictures. Well this year instead of the usual black or red how about an unexpected pop of color? Not only will you brighten up the party but you'll look as cheery as you feel.   
Fashionably Speaking that is…Joie Cuentista


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vintage Hot Buys 💲: Lampfur Headpiece


   Winter's coming Dolls and its time to get out those Minks, Persians, Lamps, Raccoons and other  vintage furs out. How about this fabulous little number as an excellent accessory to go with your vintage fur coat?  Its sold on EBay in excellent condition and at 79.99 for a piece this unique you can't go wrong. But most importantly you can be assured you won't see yourself coming (👌)
   This Hot Vintage Buy is the first of my Hot Buys where I'll be sharing with my favorite Dolls not only high fashion vintage pieces at a bargain; but I'll show you where to websites that I have personally guarantee will suit all or at least some of your needs.
Fashionably Speaking...Joie Cuentista
Fur Headpiece


Thursday, October 16, 2014

HOTD: Back to Black / The Jackie-O

Yes we are back from hiatus and I am back to black! So here's a Quick one for you Dolls. I promise you'll look Jackie-O fab and all you need is three items or less. So let's get started:

A bunch of bobbies, some hairspray (if this is need for your hair), and a comb

Some kind of sheen is also great to have, I use coconut oil for everything. The brand in the picture is my preferred

And a hat

Alrighty Dolls this one is as simple as it gets, sometimes we get caught up in the beauty of all these complicated styles that we forget what its like to just fluff and go.  This gives you an idea of how you can maintain the authenticity of your look while still sticking to your time clock on in a pinch.
The Inspiration:
Okay like I said the beauty of this one is that its a get up and go. there's one step which is to part your hair to either, then place your pillbox hat on the crown or back of your head.
Its not necessary to curl your hair at all.  One option would be to fake all together by pin-curling the ends of your hair either tucked up or flipped under to mimic flip curls or curls. You could also just fluff out your second or third day roller-set.
If you're a curly like me there's no to go overboard with straightening your hair then curling them again. Just work with your natural curl (we've already got it why not flaunt it Dolls). Use bobbies to tame unruly strands and guide your tresses into the direction in which you want them to go.
Another option is to either put your hair up in a French roll and place the hat on crown of the head. Or you can put your head up in a really tight knot and tuck it up under your hat similar to an Audrey Hepburn style.
In the end you'll have something that looks like this:
Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista



Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Vintage Muse Series Part 4: Hats Off Dolls! It’s My How-To Guide for All Things Vintage!

Hey Dolls this is an old post from the end of August that I forgot to post but since I'm back now here we are :)! Missed you Dolls

            It’s hard for many women to believe now-a-days that there was once a time when women once planed their outfits around wearing a hat, but it’s true. At one time the hat was considered  as important  an accessory as the handbag and the shoe is for many women today. However rain or shine, casual, cocktail, or formal- for women from the twenties through sixties (and even way before that) that hat was a staple accessory. For the stunning Dames of yesteryear (and lest not forget all her modern day reincarnations) the hat was that final touch to an already fabulous ensemble. However as the years passed , with them so have our sense of fashion and the rules that have gone along with them and the envogue hat sadly died. It’s safe to say that for most cultures, (England being a famous exception) hats took a severe backseat instead to be made and used for function and not fashion. Most people usually don’t even see women in hats anymore  with the exceptions of  protection from the weather, and theatrical customs’. There’s also the famous yet ridiculous Kentucky derby hats that thankfully only come around once a year though we all love to look at, or the few ladies that still wear their elaborate hats to Sunday morning church.  
               Here’s the thing once you get to the stage in your Vintage Journey where you’ve collected a substantial dress or whatever collection in which you are happy with; the natural thing is to begin to look for other wardrobe completers of the eras.  Yet one of the first items on the list when building or expanding your vintage wardrobe is hats however it seems a fear of the unknown and not knowing etiquette usually has us pushing them to the back of our check list. Or not knowing what to do with the hat we've purchased it just sits in the closet collecting dust.  
            The most important thing to know, before we go any further is that- there is indeed a hat for everyone…look Dolls if I can find a hat for my big head and still look mouthwatering fabulous so can you J.  In one sense purchasing a modern hat today is hard; your choices are extremely limited which is a major disadvantaged for two reasons…number one being in general you find yourself picking from various forms of either the baseball cap, the beanie, or etc… and number two when the rare dress-hat can be found it is in general inappropriate. Wearing a huge gaudy decorated hat is not only embarrassing it’s distracting for others around you and we don’t want that.  Therefore shopping vintage is your smartest choice, and you'd be surprised how many easily you can get a hold of not only vintage hats but great vintage reproduction hats. Since hats were such a staple of the culture back then its easy to find a hat for just about any need and incorporate it into not only a vintage wardrobe but a modern one as well.

           So here's my own sort of how-to guide on all things vintage hats:
First things first before you go shopping for a hat , fascinator, cocktail hat, halo hat, etc... you need to have at least a some knowledge of them. This way you can have an idea of what will look good on you. This picture is from a vintage etiquette school  but it shows the basic hat structures. Using the diagrams you insert you facial structure and that gives you an idea of what works for you.
  For example: Berets are very flattering on a square shaped face, while though nearly anyone can pull off a pillbox hat they are the most flattering on a round face.



                          My number two is a rule of etiquette that you Dolls may or may not know but here goes; unlike men women do not take off their hats. So you don't have to plan for that or be afraid of having that line across your forehead or flat hair. A woman's hat is considered apart of her outfit, not an addition. 


                            There's this misconception that hat's have to be matchy-matchy , go with your ensemble completely but that's not true. Don't be afraid to experiment and tap into your quirky side. They're a lot of fun vintage hats out there and your hat doesn't have to nessarly match your outfit    
                                               Its okay to have fun with your hats, but when you begin your journey into creating your collection, you will begin to distinguish the difference between a day hat, night, cocktail,  tea hat, evening, etc... While sometimes you may have a day where you just want to be fun in general it makes no sense either to the vanillas or us fellow Vintage Dolls for you to walk out of your house in a large black mushroom hat trimmed in chiffon, lilac's and pearls. As beautiful as you would look; you would also be inappropriate which would ruin the effect (as I have said more than once Dolls there is a time and a place-always). Again these rules aren't etched in stone for many (me included) you may see a hat, intended for one purpose but you'll find yourself wearing it for another. Just be open.
This half hat actually originally was a cocktail hat with a veil but I removed it and now it works as a day hat.
                                            Be inventive vintage hats weren't always traditional. Turbans, scarfs, and infinity scarfs make amazing hats. They are amazing vintage tutorials out there from World War 2 showing you how to tie different types of turbans, hats, and half hats with scarfs. Then to add your own special touch top it off with a flower, or that favorite vintage broach.    


                When your wearing a hat your hairstyle should be as simple as possible but at the same time compliment the hat that your wearing. Typically if you have medium to long length hair you would probably tucking and rolling your hair in the back or giving yourself a bun. If your hair is on the short to medium side then depending on the cut and the hat I would suggest either making the back as sleek as possible  or letting your pin curls fall naturally. The front should either be pulled back or in a style that adds to the hat not fight with it. Without the hat the hairstyle may look crazy (as you can see in my own picture) but with the hat on it all compliments.

               Hats have to be one of my favorite accessories they are not only versatile but unique. But more than that hats give you the chance to express yourself in a way that few others us. With a little bit of searching you can find a hat for every outfit and a few to brighten some days as well. And who doesn't appreciate that?...Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Extra Extra: Only the French can do Couture

   Well Dolls Paris Couture Fashion Week has wrapped up much to my excitement and glee. We all know no one does it better than the French and in honor of this most joyous occasion <insert drumroll> ...I have provided some some videos of some of my favorite shows for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy Dolls.

Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Color: I'm Not Bad I'm Just Drawn That Way

My Before say goodbye to the blonde me Dolls it was fun
  I was talking on Facebook I believe it was a few weeks ago how this seems about that time when your ready to start changing your color, trying a new hairstyle, getting a cut, etc. For a while now I've been really blonde from my natural brunette (DUH!) and have been ready for a change but wasn't ready for a change when inspiration struck.
  I've always thought there was nothing sexier than a redhead and who better (next to Lucy that is) than Jessica Rabbit. Its always great to have a frame of reference but always be realistic in your expectations in the end. You have to take your hair type the way it reacts and your features, complexion, and undertones into effect as well. Often time by the time you're done doing that you could very well find yourself with a completely different shade, tone, or color all together it all depends. And you need to be open.
  For me even though I  honestly wanted to go for the bright-bright red I was a little nervous about how it would look the first time around so in the end I ended up going a tone darker. But also the dye turned out another half shade darker I discovered after drying my hair but that was just the way it took to my hair.
   Hair is just that hair it doesn't have to be a serious as people make it. Have fun with your hair Dolls, especially with coloring  when you get that perfect color that just brightens you up; you'd be surprised what it can do for your features.

Hello Red ;)
 Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista

Friday, June 27, 2014

Post 15: The Vintage Muse Series Part 3: Bronze Does Red

           I think it’s safe to say that if you’re a true Vintage Doll nothing gets your juices flowing like that perfect shade of red lipstick it’s not only the pistereistance to that perfect ensemble but when you find your perfect shade…there’s nothing in the world that makes you feel sexier. But on the other hand nothing can also be more complicated. The millions of brands, shades, tones the choices are endless and confusing, not to mention the countless number of beauty rules that we can never seem to keep up with. Are we a summer or winter, cool or warm? Do I tell this by my veins? Or skin tone? And if its skin tone how the hell am I supposed to determine that, I’m not a makeup artist? Then they’re the different undertones to consider for example brown-based reds, blue-based red, orange-based reds and so on. I mean let’s face it Dolls finding your perfect shade sometimes can feel like rocket science. However in my opinion like most things we its way more hard then in needs to be, so before we go on I must admit I am by no means an expert on makeup. In fact to be honest I’m not a big makeup wearer but, I never leave the house without my lipstick so I can tell you a thing or two on the subject. So first I’ll share tips I’ve picked up along the way that’ll help everyone. Then I’ll share some special tips for all my fellow special Bronze Goddesses out there.

                There two ways to do this, we’ll begin the original. The easiest way to successfully hunt down that perfecto red is to find out your personal undertone.  
    The easy way but also potentially costly is to go to your local department store makeup counter and have your colors done, however you can easily do it yourself. Here are a few ways how.


Friday, June 13, 2014

Extra; Extra: REISSUED

   Jen Delonge is a designer for Barneys but is also the creator of one of the best apps ever!

   It's called Reissued an online market place for your smartphone or tablet, where you can sell and purchase vintage clothing, music, décor, and art. The app is the perfect opportunity to get you in touch with hard to find flea market finds, or personal treasures a person is ready to part with.  If you're a person that lives in an area that offers little to no choices vintage wise, apps like this are perfect. essentially stores, flea markets, and boutiques from all over the country are available at the touch of your fingertip. The app is easy to navigate and you get the chance to discover these great little shops from all over the county , as well as access stock from major retailors like American Rag. So be sure to look for the app and check it out.

                          Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista

Extra; Extra: Vintage Vogue by GW


            Feel like going for a road trip? Cause it's just been announced that Goodwill Industries is officially taking their first step into this century. On Tuesday June 17th  Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana will be opening up a new store but there's a twist Dolls, this one will be boutique style as well
exclusive stock vintage goods.
          According to Goodwill reps For this new boutique call 'Vintage Vogue by GW' the boutique will by stocked through the regular charitable donations to its other stores,  except items will go through more of a selective process before inclusion in the boutique. Even though the store will mainly carry clothing there will also be some unique home goods, and one of a kind furniture that can be found.

         The store is set to be much smaller than the usual Goodwill stores and Supercenters the given estimates around 2500 square feet. However if this new venture is successful they are talking about opening another in Downtown Indiana, and after that who knows where. Maybe a state near you...

Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Vintage Muse Series: Recreating the Look Challenge: Breakfast at Tiffany’s


        I think it’s safe to say that there are a few movies that will forever be considered the Holy Grail for us Vintage Dolls. Gentleman Prefer Blondes, Funny Face, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s to name a few are at the top of the list. So when I was trolling through Netflix on my roku this past Saturday and came across Breakfast at Tiffany’s it wasn’t any surprise when inspiration seemed to just jump up and hit me over the head. Not only is this movie not one of my favorites for obvious reasons but the styling was some of the best ever and in my opinion has yet to be topped. So once I was properly inspired I went on google to look for a picture of the exact ensemble in the movie I was looking to replicate. 
inspiration outfit
inspiration hat
       Now like I tell you Dolls all the time remember to make things work for you specially; you don’t want to walk around stiff and uncomfortable or feeling daft once your in the light of day cause you feel all costumey. So I decided that even though I liked the hat Audrey Hepburn wore with the dress in the movie scene I choose I didn’t think it would flatter me so after coming across this amazing picture on pintrest; I found this gorgeus vintage hat from an vintage ebay retailer (who was amazing by the way).  
So I figured what better challenge for myself than to combine the two looks and see what we come up with. And even better I'd love to see what you come up with too, so send me you inspiration and end result pics for me to share.

totally fabulous end result


                          Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Vintage Muse Series 1: Style Icons: My My Frieda

Style Icons:

            Frida Kahlo born 1907, died 1954; a famous self-taught Mexicana painter best known for her stunning self-portraits which have survived to become cultural icons in their own right;
During her lifetime Kahlo created at least 140 paintings fifty-five of which were self-portraits in addition to drawings. Mrs. Kahlo led an utterly fabulous life she was infamously known to be bisexual (which was thoroughly supported by Mr. Kahlo) and even had an affair with Josephine Baker (wouldn’t have loved to be a fly on that wall). Kahlo and her husband we also openly active communist and were even friends with Leon Trotsky (sounds like a woman that knew how to live huh?)

           In addition to being known for her amazing art, through the years Kahlo’s exotic beauty was also undeniable. She held true to being who you are no matter what, whether that meant accentuating her uni-brow, or playing up her hooded eyes and wide brow. Frida made the choice to be who she was and make that work for her, dainty, ultra-femme, or glam didn’t work for her it wasn’t who she was. She made the unconventional her signature, making herself known by the men’s suits, traditional Mexican skirts and blouses, and her infamous flower headpieces.

            Frida Kahlo is a icon for the ages not just for you Dolls like me who have an apprication for the arts but because her spirit is timeless. If you’re not familiar with her actual work please do yourself a favor and look her up you’ll be greatly enriched. But as a style muse her message is even more enriching because she teaches you to be yourself, whoever that is.

                     Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Vintage Muse Series Intro: More than just a Victory Roll

     I like you follow quite a few blogs, pinterest boards and YouTube channels for beauty and style advice, but it came to my attention this week on the Born too late- Fashionably Speaking Facebook page by a very nice Doll that as fun as these articles are to read and watch and look at; they don't exactly help everyone. The fact is we love and appreciate quite frankly nearly everything to do with the past but our only connect with it is from stories told to us by our grandparents or those classic movies and television shows we're all so fanatical about. With that said when it comes to style for anyone people generally look to someone (i.e. a celebrity, model, stylish family member) they admire for whatever reason to model aspects of their personal style after. For us members of the Vintage community that seems to be especially so; generally the old Hollywood starlets' , actors, crooners, etc... tend to be our foothold into the past. We search for pictures, look for their movies, read their books, listen to music the list goes on and on.
Many Dolls strive to emulate their chosen's look to the tee, while others use them for a muse to incorporate within their own personal style. This method seems to work for many Dolls but I hate to generalize but the truth is not everyone is a glamour doll, pinup or as I like to refer to myself a bombshell. Some Dolls are just regular girls not so average girls that have no desire to walk around all the time so dressed up all time ( I mean really you must wonder did people ever go casual other than greasers?)
    I would like to call this ongoing series the "Vintage Muse" series, it will be dedicated to bringing you style inspiration from everyday America more than just victory rolls and full skirts. I will be bringing you Style Icons as well, however I plan to introduce you Dolls to little know and forgotten old icons. You'll be able to flip through this section when you need inspiring, before you head out to the thrift or vintage shop or log onto your favorite online vintage store.