Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Vintage Muse Series 1: Style Icons: My My Frieda

Style Icons:

            Frida Kahlo born 1907, died 1954; a famous self-taught Mexicana painter best known for her stunning self-portraits which have survived to become cultural icons in their own right;
During her lifetime Kahlo created at least 140 paintings fifty-five of which were self-portraits in addition to drawings. Mrs. Kahlo led an utterly fabulous life she was infamously known to be bisexual (which was thoroughly supported by Mr. Kahlo) and even had an affair with Josephine Baker (wouldn’t have loved to be a fly on that wall). Kahlo and her husband we also openly active communist and were even friends with Leon Trotsky (sounds like a woman that knew how to live huh?)

           In addition to being known for her amazing art, through the years Kahlo’s exotic beauty was also undeniable. She held true to being who you are no matter what, whether that meant accentuating her uni-brow, or playing up her hooded eyes and wide brow. Frida made the choice to be who she was and make that work for her, dainty, ultra-femme, or glam didn’t work for her it wasn’t who she was. She made the unconventional her signature, making herself known by the men’s suits, traditional Mexican skirts and blouses, and her infamous flower headpieces.

            Frida Kahlo is a icon for the ages not just for you Dolls like me who have an apprication for the arts but because her spirit is timeless. If you’re not familiar with her actual work please do yourself a favor and look her up you’ll be greatly enriched. But as a style muse her message is even more enriching because she teaches you to be yourself, whoever that is.

                     Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista