Friday, January 24, 2014


Dolls let me tell you something if I never see snow again it will be too soon, it is COLD, COLD, and COLD! My goodness it just makes you want to crawl under the covers with a cup of Joe and not come out again until the first robin is seen. But alas… it’s not possible just cause mother nature saw fit pop us one good doesn’t mean that life will be deterred (at least not for long, those 3 days off were divine J) and as we are trying our best to continue on with our everyday lives alongside the bitter cold I know more than anyone how tempting it can be to sacrifice your style in favor of staying warm.  Well I’m going give you a great list and some great ideas that will prove to you that cold weather and style do mix, in fact snow can make a great background accessory.

I know a lot of fashionable people especially us Pinup and Vintage Dolls that once winter comes around they are almost completely unrecognizable and when ask why the answer is always the same “I’d rather be warm than cute”.  Well to be honest that’s common sense but if you could have both why not? That tends be a big concern with us Pinup and Vintage Dolls especially since most people equate our style with summer and spring only …though they’d like to keep their look up they just don’t know how. 

Well never fear I have compiled a list of what I think every Doll should need in the colder months. I guarantee that you will be fabulously vintage, and more importantly warm!

The Vintage Dolls Guide to Winter!
1.       TIGHTS:

Okay let’s start with the basics, it’s cold outside yes but we Dolls will always wear those pencil skirts and full dresses.  So the first thing you need is tights, tights, and more tights. See that wasn’t complicated, but it can be fun. There are some great companies now that make all kinds of tights with designs, artwork, decals and more anything you can think of. It’s a great and unexpected way to add some flare to a black pencil skirt and a cute sweater.  

2.       Vintage Muff:  

For those of that don’t know let me start off by explaining what a muff is. The muff has been around since the 1400’s it’s basically a hand warmer, it comes in all kinds of fabrics (ex: minx, velvet…) but the inside is usually silk. These things in my opinion are the epitome of glamour. And besides being unique they are one of those things that will make you feel pretty (and we all love that don’t we).

3.       Coat:     

Yes I know a coat is a common sense item and shouldn’t even be on the list, but let me explain myself. What’s important here is the style, the cut, color and print, even if you can’t necessarily get yourself a vintage coat you can get away with something modern if you look for something along these lines.  As far as cut you want clean, classic lines (car coat, pea coat, ¾ length coat, and dinner coat). For example A-line coats are beautiful coat at any price point and flattering on all figures, also look out for coats with fitted waistlines and that flare out. In the color department you want to stick to black, camel, red, white, blue, yellow if you’re going to be true to the era you wouldn’t have been stepping out in anything crazier than that. When thinking about prints your best bet is anything in polka dot, or our favorite leopard print, plaid, or geometric print. Also look for things will fur accents, belts, collarless coats or wide lapels.

4.       Cardigans:    

The Cardigan is going to be one of the most important items in your arsenal it’s a great go-to piece, perfect for transitioning and can even work for all year round. For you Dolls that hate to give your full skirt dresses with you crinoline slip, this is the perfect way to do it. Also cardigans are a great way to start off into the world of vintage.  You can get a great vintage cardi for just about any price point; even score some great finds at your local thrift or Goodwill shop. You can also surprisingly use a cardi to add the unexpected they’re some great online stores that sell some really unique pieces for fair prices.

5.       Furs: 

I know cheesy Hitchcock music is now playing in the background cause God forbid someone wears a fur in our overly PC world. Well if you are one of those people that are extremely environmentally conscious there is still no need to omit this category.  Most people don’t realize that faux fur was actually quite popular in the 40-50’s. With some searching you are very capable of getting yourself a very fabulous, very warm, vintage faux-fur that is still in keeping with your political views. However, a little known fact that I’d like to share with you and keep yourself open. Furs made in the 1940’s were done so under a different process than that of today, so in a nutshell they are Animal-Cruelty Free!   While many people that vehemently oppose to wearing furs made today will wear vintage furs because of this reason. Which there is nothing in the world like, I know more than one person (myself included) that is a collector of furs, and the craftsmanship, quality, and uniqueness will make you stand out every time. But more importantly as stylish as they are I promise you nothing will keep you warmer than a fur (I know I have 3).
You can't do better than Ebay, unless you plan to actually take a day and to store hopping.

6.       Hat:

This is a touchy subject for me, because nothing makes me cringe more than seeing a dame with a man’s black beanie over her head (shudders), or one of those baseball caps. Yes I know that in the winter you need to do all you can to keep all body heat in and not out, but that doesn’t mean that one has to sacrifice style to do it. Why not discover a love of vintage hat? I think women tend to be so terrified of looking silly that they never give themselves a change. I am a firm believer that there is a hat out there for everyone it’s just a matter of knowing the shape and size of your face, as well as how you wear it. Now they’re some hats that look great on everyone and from there you can play around with them, those are: The Pillbox, The Tilt Hat, The Beret, The Half/Headband Hat, and Turban Hat.

7.       The Scarf: 

Scarfs are one of the most flexible and interchangeable accessories around. You can do just about anything your imagination can come up with “necklace, hair tie, hand bag, scarf, hat, skirt, top, belt…). You can get a scarf in just about any print, color, etc. , you can think of and vintage scarfs are especially beautiful. They are all extremely unique and they tend to be one of the easier vintage items to look for and purchase.

8.       Jeans: 

Bet you didn’t expect that lol…but come on its winter a Doll can’t possibly wear a skirt when its 5 degrees outside. A lot of Dolls think they can’t pull off their look while wearing jeans, well I’m telling you that’s just not true it’s a matter of finding a jean with the right style, material, and cut. It’s a little harder to find vintage jeans from the 30’s and 40’s eras but they are some great vintage reproduction companies that include jeans in with their look book. If the 60’s is what you’re going for try a nice pair of high-waisted jeans, or trouser jeans, or wide leg jeans. Of course the 70’s is famous for it’s bell bottoms, but you can also do capris or flood plants and where them with tights.

9.       Boots: 

Boots are not just for the winter; actually they can be worn all year round. But in the winter time they are a God send for helping to transition all those pencil & full skirts into your winter wardrobe. You can have fun with this too, be unexpected wear a pair of combat boots with a vintage shirt dress and a cardi, or a maybe a pair of red slouchy kitten ankle boots with your vintage red minx, jeans and red pillbox hat w/attached scarf.

Good site for shoes

10.   Have Fun!: 

Look there’s no official formula to transitioning any wardrobe into the winter month’s especially this type. There is no wrong way, and the key is to have fun and don’t be afraid to be unexpected. Think out of the box; don’t put away all your spring/summer items. You’ll be surprised what a great response you’ll get wearing that full skirt Hawaiian dress with a blazer and boots in January. When it’s all said and done, hell do and wear what you want Dolls ;) .

Fashionably Speaking That Is…Joie Cuentista