Thursday, January 16, 2014

There's Nothing New Under the Sun

It is my express opinion that every modern girl needs a little vintage in her life, after all anyone with half a brain knows that all the best fashionable moments happened in the past. There’s the miniskirt from the 1960’s, the seventies gave us disco, hippies and punks, men’s inspired suits, big hair and highwaisted acid jeans of the eighties, the twenties gave us low waistlines and bobbed hair, the glamorous forties and fifties brought us full skirts, luxurious fabrics, beautiful hats, and little waists (ala corsets). Now these are just a few examples but as you may well know none of these things have completely gone out of style, fashion is an ever changing cycle of trends, and cliques. What’s in today is out tomorrow and vice versa. There’s never anything new under the sun while none of the fashions of these decades will ever come back full swing, they will always have there trendy moments but more importantly a lot of the pieces when chosen correctly are considered classic pieces which will never be out and you’ll end up passing down.

Now I know a lot of people are afraid to shop vintage, it can have a lot of negative connotations ( I don’t want to look like a walking Halloween advertisement, Isn’t shopping vintage/consignment/thrift expensive, Isn’t that stuff dirty) but when it’s all said and done in my opinion people make it harder than it needs to be. Granted it can be tedious at times but come on that’s what shopping is in general how many times have we spent hours at the mall only to end up with a couple of items that you only end up wearing a few times. Well look at it this way when you shop vintage these are loving pieces you will always have in your closet. Yes for some people you go in cycles with your style and it’s not unknown for you to do a re-haul of your closet but when you have some great vintage pieces to fall back on you will thank me. No you may not necessarily wear them all the time but you will always have them, you’ll never have to say you don’t have anything to wear, you solve the problem of going out and seeing five other girls that look just like you, and more importantly you feel special.

So this is what this blog is about making you feel special, and for me nothing makes a girl feel more special than spending that extra few minutes on her hair, putting on a little lipstick and slipping on that great vintage dress that you just know that if it could talk would tell you the most amazing story. But in end here we’ll talk all things fashion, beauty, and whatever else I think to come up with.
Fashionably Speaking That Is...Joie Cuentista