Friday, September 23, 2016

HOTD: When all else fails keep it classic

    Hey Dolls & Dukes it's been awhile. I'm sad to feel that nip in the air summer will but over soon; but on the bright side it will soon be time to pull out the furs. So it's time for another hair of the day. I know We're all familiar with those days when nothing  you do to your hair turns out right. Even better than that your hair doesn't even look like it belongs to you. Well when this happens I trust in my good 'ol friend the snood.

   You know the beauty about the snood is that it can hide a multitude of sins. You can dress it up, get creative and some pearls or skull studs. Dress it down , use it just for a bun cover. The point is they are alot more versatile then one may think. You can even tie your fav scarf as a snood. Basically they're just yet another hat for a vintage girl. Here a few of my favorite snood looks to give you some inspiration!

      So get creative and have fun with those snoods dolls,and share your favorite looks with us to share on our Instagram. As always darlings