Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Party Wardrobe Planning : The Look For less

  The holiday season can be simutaniusly a source of unimaginable stress as well as a great chance to reflect on what's important, and a chance to connect with family and friends. However it's easy to loose sight of all of this while one has to not only plan holiday gatherings for friends,work family etc... You also countless other expenses planned, unexpected and many quite frankly that should be thrown out and burned. So My Darlings I more than understand the desire to cut back on expenses where you can ; but still want to look and feel as decadent as you have become accustomed.  So to prove to you that it is possible to create amazing holiday looks for less. I've created a vintage office party look for under $100 that can be purchased currently as our first look.

     Even though these peices are inexpensive, they still look as if you could have paid more. That's the trick when going with the LFL ideally you want to mix the higher quality pieces you already own with the cheaper ones that immediately gives you a chicer look. We' ve partially done that by adding the vintage beret (even though this isn't an expensive item it is a good piece ). But if you can't do this you want to pay attention fabrics, heavy the better. Stitching , are they straight and tight. Stretchiness what is the elasticisity like because if its bad after one wear and wash it will be a stretched out mess. And how the piece lays. I know trying things on is a pain but it will do you a world of good. 


1. Knit sweater crop sweater and skirt set from Sammysdress.com priced at $19.99
2. Quilted faux leather bag from Forever21.com on sale $19.53
3. Curved ear jacket earrings from Forever21.com $4.90
4. Vintage Goldmans velvet navy blue beret sold on Ebay.com for $15.99 + shipping and handling
vintage funky goldmans beret

                            Fashionably Speaking... Joie Cuentista

Sunday, November 1, 2015

I.W.U.L.T. Channeling the lovely Audrey H.

      Okay this is a quick " I woke up like this " look of the day.  To be honest it's been on Instagram (@borntoolatefashionablyspeaking) for a bit but I've been running around like crazy with doc appointments. And I have gotten the messages asking for updates on my lupus and I promise to do a post about it soon, maybe even a video. However enough of that lets get down to some fashion Dolls!
Look of the Day: Audrey H.
The Dress:
I'm wearing is late 1950's vintage perasico A-line dress. It has sheer sleeves and sheer ascents on the shoulders. As well as floweral embroidery also done in black. I wore a black crinoline slip under the dress so the dress could have the more high fashion look.  Originally the dress had a belt but it was lost so I acquired it without one although I actually like the way this dress in particular looks in belted since its still very flattering so I went without
I'd had a Audrey musical movie fest  at the time I wore this dress. I'm sure you know how that feels we vintage Dolls get so caught up in our favorite classic sirens that we cant help but want to steal their looks a bit. In this case I wanted to capture Mrs Hepburn's  spirit more so than try to clone a look . For earrings I wore a simple pair of vintage Pearl studs. Since the accents on the dress where pretty striking I left the jewelry there and let the dress speak for itself.  For shoes I wore a pair of black flat maryjanes by Comfy Sole.
As a pop of colour I wore a pink blushed lily hair flower. For the actual style I kept it naturally curly. I used frankesence & mryth oil and mixed it with doves new curl pomade to give me shine and counteract frizz. I parted my hair to the side and did a simple roll.  On the opposite side I placed the flower arranging it so it laid flat to my head.
Well that's that hope this give you ideas for you own inspiration looks Darlings. Hope to see your looks on Instagram and Facebook.


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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fashion News Darlings: It's Expo time!

       Well Doll's and Dukes I am right now as I type extremely, extremely depressed, however for all my west coast Darlings it looks like things will work out just perfectly for you. I guess you want to know what I'm talking about. Well for the few Rockabellas and Pinups that don't know The Original Vintage Fashion Expo is coming up this weekend and tickets are still on sale.
           This is one of the best Vintage Expos and has been running for over twenty years. You can find anything here that a vintage collecter can dream up and more. From period pieces to items from decades such as as the twenties or even eighties. This year is expected to be great with venders like The Cat's Meow , Blue Moon Antiques and Straight 8 Vintage. But we're not done yet Dolls and Dukes because the mother load this year is Dita Von Tease, who will be sighing copies of her books. I don't about you but for all my fellow east coast Dolls I sure am sad to miss this one.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Born Too Late...Welcomes: Deaths Dark Veil !


     Many of you guys know that I'm also a author, artist and singer so I appreciate art in all its forms. I especially of handcrafted items, the idea that someone put something of themselves into this item and you won't see thirty other people walking around with it. Having a mother that makes and sells jewelry Im immensely pleased that handcrafted wares are becoming increasing popular especially in the alternative fashion community. That's why we're pleased to welcome the adorable and extremely talented Jose Camarena of Death's Dark Veil.

Death's Dark Veil

Question 1:

 Jose thanks for taking the time out to hang with us for a while. Why don’t we start with telling us
about yourself, how you got started, and about your creative processes?

Hi, guys, you're welcome. My name is Jose. I'm 26 and I live in Los Angeles. I actually got pulled into the jewelry "business" when I was around 18 back when MySpace was in. I started selling jewelry and hair bows on that website, constantly promoting and got over 15,000 friends. I think I did that for almost 2 years but then I stopped. It wasn't until recently (a year ago) that I decided to open a etsy account but I didn't have a product in mind. Then I decided to sell pillar candles with my own design. Six months later I got inspired to make jewelry after I happened to accidentally open a box with a bunch of old accessories. And here I am now lol 
My creative process is pretty basic. To be honest I just have all these ideas from a lot of different styles I like. Kind of goth, day of the dead, ect... I think of something, I quickly sketch it on paper to get an idea of what it will look like and then I make it. 

Question 2:

I’ve been admiring you on Instagram for a while now, I love the edge that a lot of jewelry has. Who would you say your ideal customer is?

I don't think I would have an ideal customer. I think I have different styles that a lot of different people may like. Like I said the goth style with velvet brooches I made and the felt day of the dead roses. They're two completely different styles.


Question 3:

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time in regards to your jewelry line?

In five years I see myself with my own shop. Only time will tell.

Question 4:

What do you use for inspiration?

I don't try to force inspiration. I can get inspired by anything, really. But it doesn't happen everyday. Sometimes I do get inspired by seeing something really beautiful. For example, I love to paint, but I haven't done it in over a year because I haven't felt inspired to do so. And I am not one to force it. 

Question 5:

What does your perfectly dressed woman look like?

I can't choose. Too many beautiful outfits to choose from.

Question 6:

What are your personal definitions and difference between style and fashion?

To me, style is something you have and fashion is something you buy. 

Question 7:

Do you have any final words that you’d like to leave the Born too late… Dolls and Dukes with?

I guess I would like to say if you love to do something, do it. My store is very tiny but I will not give up on it. Just keep trying and never give up. Even when you feel like it won't go anywhere. No matter what, don't give up.

To purchase from any of the beautiful items from Death's Dark Veil (and I highly recommend it)
To contact DDV


Thursday, August 13, 2015

I.W.U.L.T: Candy Bright

 Time for another I woke up like this Darlings. This ones going to go quick so lets get right to it shall we?

 Forever21 style deals basic black bodysuit 
Starlots&Harlots pink and white candy stripe skirt 
Wide band elastic black belt
Faux water lily hair flower

                  Fashionably speaking...Joie Cuentista

Come Shopping With Me

     I often get asked "what exactly does a shopping trip with you look like?" Well sadly on my recent shopping trip I forgot to turn on the video camera but, I think I did the next best thing. So take a second get some coffee and a sweet (no worries I'll be he Darling) and join me for a good ole fashioned show and tell.

     Shopping is hard work on any day, especially when you're a pinup doll and trolling through the vintage and consignment store isles. You need to be prepared to 1. take the complete day and 2. go to at least three stores minium. I'll tell you right now most of your time will be spent talking to the friends you've made out of the store associates' (which is always smart) and yanking through endless racks for what will seem like a lifetime. But its all worth.
     Before you walk into the store to prevent frustration and a full on tantrum. It's important to decide what your going for before you step foot in the store. Also it's good to keep in mind what's already in your closet if that's something you need to be mindful of. Something to think about, these pieces aren't just another cool outfit they're also art in and of themselves. As a collector myself, I encourage you to consider doing likewise. It will give you a new found respect for these historical artifacts. But if space is an issue or let's say you're there for a skirt or office suit I recommend downloading Stylicious.  A closet organizing app on google play store which allows you to take pictures of your wardrobe  allowing you to take it with you and simplifying planning outfits during the week.
 ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fabu.stylicious&hl=en )

 This app is a lifesaver while you're looking through the isles you can keep your eyes open, and things you may normally not pick up try. Open up your app and go through your wardrobe (see the possibilities!). You'll know if you are buying yet another too similar style and cut dress and save yourself the trouble and so-on.  
Sears brand 1960s shear ivory &gold cardi

Mid fifties button up cotton baby blue blouse unknown brand
          For this particular shopping trip my plan was to go out in search of tops. I was really looking for knits not being a fan of button up tops but I surprised myself and found a few. However like I said earlier sometimes you hit the mother load and for me this was a really ,really good haul. I ended up getting some of everything, most to wear and a few to add to my collection.

Khaki sixties swing skirt
Fifties wiggle dress
Grey 1950s midi skirt
Early sixties Sax Fifth Avenue 2pc Suit

silver 80s box broach /40s
apple broach


Sunday, August 2, 2015

I woke up like this: Distractions and Disruptions

     Well Darlings we're back with another I.W.U.L.T. Since its Sunday I thought I'd share with you Dolls my church look. I remember going through the closet on Sundays when it was still getting comfortable with myself and how I was choosing to express it. Depending on the church you attend  you can be in front of  the closet for hours wanting to stay true to your style yet being sure to remain respectful. A lot of the times in my early awkward years I found myself going to the complete extreme and wearing a lot of frumpy too old clothing.
      I thought this made me inconspicuous, and that I was appropriately dressed. Well it took awhile to be honest with myself. Cause the truth was I was neither of those things. I only drew more attention to myself being a young woman dressed so decrepitly old and that's not what we're going for. Because of this I was a big distraction and disruption. The exact thing I didn't want to be. This story I'm sharing isn't just about church or etc...that's just Just my example. Because the truth is I still go through this very thing all time. As long as you look like this and by that I mean outside of "societies norm" you'll be dealing with  this it if not from one person than another, then in some form or another. What you need to do is decide that, what you think of yourself matters more than any looks or opinions. 
       So just like everyone else has their wardrobe staples it's essential that us sassy Pinups have our's as well. Wardrobe staples are in a nutshell lifesavers. This is what you're going to reach for when you have to go to work, or a wedding (and don't want to upstage the bride). As well as the basis on which you'll use to expand you're wardrobe. So here is my list of a few staple items that every Doll needs.
The Pinup Dolls Lists of Wardrobe Staples:
> Highwaist Pencil skirt: you can never have too many of these, trust me dolls. What a good pencil skirt does for a woman's hips should be illeagal. I reccomend having as many colors as possible, I know we vintage girls tend to gravitate to black but trying out- let's say a hot pink skirt for ex. is a great way to break you out of your comfort zone.
> Full skirt: otherwise known as the midi skirt for our modern times; this looks great on everyone. It's Ultra slimming and they're great for all occasions.
> Shift dress: Another you can never have too many of. They are super cute and extremely verstile. I have a beloved small collection of late 50's-early 60's shift dresses and they have gotten me through many a emergency.
> Wiggle dress: There is never an occasion that doesn't call for a wiggle dress (but thats' just the type of Dame I am)
> Cardigan: If you don't know by now you will soon; a Cardigan is your bestfriend. They can completely change a outfit. And never fear if you can't find a vintage one. They're some amazing goth, rock, and reproduction companies that make amazing ones.
> Pearl necklace: Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than a set of pearls laying flush against glowing naked skin.
> Black MaryJanes: These have got to be one of my favorite pairs of shoes and they are versitile which give you countless Wardrobe  choices.
> White button-down blouse: This is a wardrobe classic you can litteally weara white button-down a different way every day of the week. Its that versitile. They go from day to night and even to evening wear if done well.
> Leather Skirt: I know this one is unexpected but trust me every doll needs a leather skirt in her closet. 
> Gloves: I happen to be a big fan of the Phillosiphy that a lady never leaves the house without her gloves. They give you that added something. You'll find yourself walking with an extra bounce.
> High-waisted trouser and wideleg pant: A highwaist is a pinups best friend (especially if you're a hourglass figure like me). No matter what you wear with these you'll look great, this is stress-free dressing.
> Saddle shoes and creepers: I suggest two pairs one classic. But the second go loco get a color or print something that reflects you.
> Vintage Camisole: You can never have too many of these. These are what you'll be wearing with those Pencil skirts and trousers for example.
>Vintage Tees: This is up to you you know your style and what will go with your skirts and things.
> Sweater chain: These are worn with your cardigans and are a great way of adding your personality in a subtle way. Especially if at work, etc.
> Lingere: Foundation is the most important thing your clothing won't look good if the base is haphazard, and unstable. You need a Garter, shaper /girdle/ Corset, longline bra, Strapless Shaper, backless Shaper.
> Pillbox hat: It's a vintage staple and its one of the few hat styles that is flattering on all facial shapes.
> Vintage Suit: Its my opinion that the 1940's and the 1960's made some of the best suits and 2pc dress ensambles. Every Doll needs to save up and invest in at least one of each of these peices. The wardrobe possibilties are endlessand besides that they're amazing Collectors items.
> Swing jacket: these mod classics are a great staple to any wardrobe and are very stylish

I woke up like this: Look of the Day
>> Felt like being made up today for church so here is the result
***Birdcage veil (Brought from PUG years ago, but I altered it to what you see in the picture)
Also wearing oil of Olay Fresh effects BB cream in light to medium mixed with maybelline touch of light face glow
Lipstick is loreal infallble in crimson ***
P.s. come follow me on instagram @borntoolatefashionablyspeaking and join in the fun everyday. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I Woke Up Like This: Channeling Good Ole Betty (HOTD)

Inspiration Look: Betty Page
Well hello Darlings I hope we're all finding ourselves happy, fashionable and fabulous. It's come to my attention that we haven't done HOTD or OOTD posts on here or FB in an awful long time so here begins the return : "I Woke Up Like This".

  I woke up this day totally feeling like I was Betty Page incarnate (deluded I know, don't tease me lol) and this is my absolute favorite photograph of her. So for today's "I.W.U.L.T." we're going to try to recreate this classic look and try to see how close we can get.

Channeling Good Ole Betty

  • Comb and brush
  • Bobby pins
  • Scarf long enough to wrap around the head and tie into a bow
  • Section out your bang and pin it out of the way
  • Next you can do this a few ways. It's not a rule for your hair to be pin curled, curled, or roller set. You can wear your hair straight and brush it out, fluff out next day curls (which look really awesome), or if your a curlie like me just go with what you got ;).
  • After you've combed or brushed your hair back, you want to fold the scarf to your desired width then tie it around your hair. The ends of the scarf should be facing up or be at the crown of your head. Then tie into a bow.
  • Now for the bang. Mimicking a pincurl roll the ends of your hair around your finger and roll up keep hold of the loop. When you get to your head take two bobbies and pin on either side on the loop. Flatten your bang and spread it and using bobby pins pin like loco to get your desired shape. And hopefully this is what you get!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Ruth's Closet: Vintage Guilt Free; I Bet You Really Love Me Now 👀


        Shopper's remorse has reared its ugly head one too many times to count in my shopping adventures. I can't tell you how many times I've shuffled around this and that just to get that amazing tilt hat or swing dress. Only to feel terrible later . Cause we all know our closets  are full to capacity and we have no need of anything else. But alas we do it to ourselves over and over again. So when I first discovered Ruth's Closet years ago, and the story behind this amazing organization I must say I became instantly devoted.

        I've talked about Ruth's Closet for so long with you Dolls I'm sure you've wondered why I haven't done this review sooner. So want to know what Ruth's Closet is? Well ever hear of the House of Ruth? (yeah stupid question I know but one shouldn't assume) In case not.
House of Ruth is a national charity dedicated to helping battered women and children escape dangerous situations and also assist in rebuilding their lives. They also believe that to end violence against women we have to change the way women are perceived. Charitable organizations The House of Ruth exists on the generosity of others which is not always a good things but that's life; so Ruth's House was created. Which is a consignment and vintage store however profits are fielded back to The House of Ruth.

    One of the greatest things I love about Ruth's Closet is their electiveness. By their being a consignment shop R.C. takes donations from everywhere. Often getting entire wardrobes, estate sale leftovers and so-on. Even though this is technically a consignment store you car score
1960 Lilly Pulitzer Maxi Dress
some of the most amazing vintage finds ever. In the past some of my best finds have included such things like a vintage 1940's Parasuco suit, a vintage late '60's Lilly Pulitzer Dress, vintage Sax fifth avenue hats and the list goes on and on.

     But the most important thing about Ruth's Closet is the experience you get when you go. Each and every volunteer are absolutely divine, and they make going and coming back not only a necessity but a pleasure. They are always willing to help going over and beyond what's necessary-
especially considering they are donating their time and not being paid. So Click the links and find out if your local House of Ruth has a Ruth's Closet in your state and give them a visit. Not only will you quite possibly hit the mother load but you'll also become apart of a great cause. And isn't that awesome!


Friday, May 29, 2015

Yes Kiddies, you too can discover the incomparable world that is... Vintage!

     You know you gotta love children, I don't think there is anyone on this earth more naturally accepting. If no one else you can count on children to love rockabilly, pinup; frankly any chance to be different. I'm sure that's the case for that little tike in your life who would just love (why wouldn't she after all) to look just like you. However with the assumption that vintage ages you most parents (and in my case Aunts lol) shy away from dressing their children likewise. This assumption is completely wrong, especially in the case of children. There are a plethora of both vintage and vintage reproduction shops that are dedicated to only children. I think people assume children's fashions in the 1920-60's basically didn't exist and were just miniature versions of adult fashions.


Kiddies Guide to Vintage Discovery

     Now buying Vintage for children is a little different than buying for buying for us Dolls. For starters and most importantly! Children are always growing, you can barely keep them in anything for a decent amount of time. So for that alone score one for vintage (high five for team rockabilly woo-hoo!), However like we also know vintage can get really expensive and that especially happens with children's wear. Because in the end you're not going to get your moneys worth like you would with an adult I wouldn't recommend the pricer items until later teens (16+). Also get familiar with your local community children's consignment shops are becoming increasingly popular and you may just find a hidden gem in the mix.
   They're also a lot of great local children's specialty vintage and reproduction shops that are always worth finding out about. As always there's your local Goodwill which you can find some great vintage children's finds if you're willing to take the time to look. The important thing with the places is making sure you go on your local rounds. We all know how hard it is to keep kids in clothing so these places are always getting new stock, you're job is to go and weed through it. Get to know the people working there and exchange numbers and they'll call you when something comes in that you'll like (its always important to establish relationships). 

           The actual selection of pieces is very important because you want something that's going to last. Children aren't like us they don't care what vintage means, they just what to run, play, etc...So you go for the same types of pieces like you would for yourself. When you're going through the rack's or reading the descriptions online you want pieces that are stretchy so that your child can move and not feel constrained by some of the older stiffer fabrics. You're also looking for things with elastic in them so you can get a descent amount of wear out it; kids are constantly growing and you'd hate to get a favorite dress or top only for your child to not be able to wear it in six months. Another thing to help you in selection is to beware of the head opening in shirts, (button downs, or vintage tees) be
sure to make sure there's a bit of stretch there. You want them to be able to dress themselves. It's also good to look for pieces that are or could become convertible; for example a little swing dress could be worn a top with a cute pair of leggings and so on.

     It's inevitable your children will grow out of their clothes; but don't be afraid to keep really memorable pieces. I have a rule in our small little vintage community we have to care then share. When I say that I mean, for as long as we have our pieces we treasure them. Then when its time (have your last dance together) you find a new home to make room for more vintage collectables. Your local consignment shops will always give you a good deal if you want to go that route. If you have a Ruth's Closet in your city they are always taking donations and as you know proceeds go towards House of Ruth. And you can go back to your vintage store and get discounted for next purchase. But we all know they're at least three pieces that hold too much memory to go so what do we do with them if they can't be worn anymore? Well instead of throwing it in a box in the basement turn those
old memories into art.

     The most important thing when shopping vintage for your child is the actual piece the item. Here are a few target questions to ask yourself when shopping that will make you feel more confident about whether you're picking out a quality garment. What's the state of it? How does it look, feel? Is the stitching intact, how do the seams look? Check for runs, tears and rips also get into the light how is the color. Is there any yellowing or discoloration? Think
about what your child is going to be wearing the item for. Obviously we buy vintage because of the character so you'll rarely buy an item with nothing wrong whatsoever. However depending on how bad you want it, where you're wearing the garment to...some of these target questions I've given you can be fixed or covered up creatively (ex: patches, temp. stitching glue etc.) . Always wash clothing before giving to your child to wear a lot of these pieces have been in these stores for a long time ( say no more).


      I know a lot of parents are afraid to shop for their kids online period let alone vintage but don't be it's a great resources. Once you have your childes measurements, have brought a few pieces and with these rules I've given you should feel sufficiently confident to venture out. Here are a few awesome
companies, now do me proud girls!

Willow's Room

Posh Girl Vintage

Ballyhoo Vintage  (this is a favorite of mine)