Sunday, September 20, 2015

Born Too Late...Welcomes: Deaths Dark Veil !


     Many of you guys know that I'm also a author, artist and singer so I appreciate art in all its forms. I especially of handcrafted items, the idea that someone put something of themselves into this item and you won't see thirty other people walking around with it. Having a mother that makes and sells jewelry Im immensely pleased that handcrafted wares are becoming increasing popular especially in the alternative fashion community. That's why we're pleased to welcome the adorable and extremely talented Jose Camarena of Death's Dark Veil.

Death's Dark Veil

Question 1:

 Jose thanks for taking the time out to hang with us for a while. Why don’t we start with telling us
about yourself, how you got started, and about your creative processes?

Hi, guys, you're welcome. My name is Jose. I'm 26 and I live in Los Angeles. I actually got pulled into the jewelry "business" when I was around 18 back when MySpace was in. I started selling jewelry and hair bows on that website, constantly promoting and got over 15,000 friends. I think I did that for almost 2 years but then I stopped. It wasn't until recently (a year ago) that I decided to open a etsy account but I didn't have a product in mind. Then I decided to sell pillar candles with my own design. Six months later I got inspired to make jewelry after I happened to accidentally open a box with a bunch of old accessories. And here I am now lol 
My creative process is pretty basic. To be honest I just have all these ideas from a lot of different styles I like. Kind of goth, day of the dead, ect... I think of something, I quickly sketch it on paper to get an idea of what it will look like and then I make it. 

Question 2:

I’ve been admiring you on Instagram for a while now, I love the edge that a lot of jewelry has. Who would you say your ideal customer is?

I don't think I would have an ideal customer. I think I have different styles that a lot of different people may like. Like I said the goth style with velvet brooches I made and the felt day of the dead roses. They're two completely different styles.


Question 3:

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time in regards to your jewelry line?

In five years I see myself with my own shop. Only time will tell.

Question 4:

What do you use for inspiration?

I don't try to force inspiration. I can get inspired by anything, really. But it doesn't happen everyday. Sometimes I do get inspired by seeing something really beautiful. For example, I love to paint, but I haven't done it in over a year because I haven't felt inspired to do so. And I am not one to force it. 

Question 5:

What does your perfectly dressed woman look like?

I can't choose. Too many beautiful outfits to choose from.

Question 6:

What are your personal definitions and difference between style and fashion?

To me, style is something you have and fashion is something you buy. 

Question 7:

Do you have any final words that you’d like to leave the Born too late… Dolls and Dukes with?

I guess I would like to say if you love to do something, do it. My store is very tiny but I will not give up on it. Just keep trying and never give up. Even when you feel like it won't go anywhere. No matter what, don't give up.

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