Monday, March 27, 2017


If you're like me there is nothing like that amazing figure hugging wiggle skirt. Thrown in with a good well made belt in, a sleek set of garters. And its a quick road to an addiction. I'm sorry but with the down turn jeans have taken... they just can't compete with my skirts and dresses. Let's face it I can't remember the last time I saw a pair of jeans that went up at a length. Its mind boggling low-rise jeans and pants have lasted so long. Espically since they look good on NO ONE! But I've had to been the last Doll in the world to discover jeggings. Lol clearly us vintage Dolls can often times be out of touch with the modern world. But still this one was a big Duh moment for me.

In addition to low rise jeans creating a muffin top (whether you have one or not), with me being a pronounced hourglass figure I tend Togo for high waist everything and it is very hard to find. Also from pain I experience with my Lupus Jeans are just too heavy, and the numbero uno rule in fashion is that the clothing should not wear you!. But these were a true high-waist , a nice breathable cotton and baby soft. I loved them so much I went back on line and got some more colors.

Asos high waist Jeggings:|38363055726|pla-303400624754&gclid=CjwKEAjw8OLGBRCklJalqKHzjQ0SJACP4BHrTn8uU-toVaPUJboWD3uzBCdvGV41xv9bG5cnEczLIBoCiXrw_wcB

Frieda Khalo Graphic Tee: The one I have on in the picture has been sold out, but they are others.

Red Crop Cardigan:
From rainbows , however this is a staple item you can get something like this anywhere.

Fashionably Speaking... Joie Cuentista

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