Best Online Vintage Shopping

I wouldn't be me if I didn't share the wealth, so on this page you'll find a list of sites where you can purchase vintage and retro reproduction clothing, accessories and whatever else good I think you Dolls will like.


Catnip Reproduction Vintage: You can find some great stuff on this site. Pricing is more middle to lower high range with the highest price around $175.00
Catnip reproduction vintage clothing

Tatyana: This is another reproduction company but this link leads you to their outlet site where you can get some great deals. They have dresses as cheap as $30.
Tatyana outlet store

Starlets & Harlots: This is a great reproduction site that has a range of products, shoes, accessories, lingerie, clothing men's & women's. To be honest the prices are a little pricy at times but shipping is always free.

Tulle: This is a great site , the prices are great and clothing is beautiful.


Babygirl Boutique: The prices here are great , they have great rockabilly, pinup, and vintage inspired sections. They are definitely worth checking out. 
Babygirl boutique 


What Katie Did:  This has got to be the best vintage lingerie reproduction company around, no self respecting pinup doll hasn't gone without at least coveting a piece of this beautiful line.
What Katie Did

Orchard Corset: This is an amazing site for affordable sharewares, corsets, and lingerie. Everything is very attractive, well made and U.S. orders are always shipped free.
Orchard Corset

Girdle Bound Vintage Girdles:  This site actually sells authentic vintage girdles, but they also sell replicas as well as lingerie, stockings , swimsuits and more.
Girdle Bound Vintage


Shop Yo Vintage!: This is a great store and a great site the prices range but you can find some great deals if you check consistently.
Yo Vintage!

Adored Vintage: Another wonderful site, more on the high-end side but, you can get some great deals (I have).
Adored vintage

Nastygirl Vintage: This site is where you can find some amazing designer finds at great prices.
Nastygirl Vintage

Farfetch Vintage: This is another source for those Dolls hunting for those designer finds. Far Fetch is the sight for you, for some the prices may seem high but if you know what your looking for you'll realize these are excellent prices.
Far fetch Vintage