Sunday, March 23, 2014

Frizzy, Limp, and Just plain glim...But that's okay I Got a Scarf Look #3

So sometimes we want to do something a little different with our scarves, and one of our favorite classic looks is the classic neck scarf. The thing is for some of us that scarf tied around your neck is sooo uncomfortable you'd just rather skip it. So here's another solution for you dolls.

The Scarf Necklace:

All you need is this:

 -Necklace preferably a collar style. (I used a gold plated one brought from a vender at a jewelry show)
-Scarf, preferably a neck size scarf which is large enough to wrap around your neck or head with a little tail left.

- Tie a knot around the end of the necklace as close to the end as you can get it. However leave yourself some room incase the scarf slides around when you wear the finished product. 

- Loosely wrap the scarf around your collar necklace.
- It's important not to do this to tight you should have wiggle room so that you can make adjustments and tuck in messy edges.
- Continue wrapping until you reach the other end of the necklace. 
- This depends on how long your scarf was to begin with.
- If you have room remaining end of the scarf around the necklace and tuck it into the folds of the scarf. 
- If you can't tie the scarf wrap the remaining end around to the underside of the necklace and tuck it into the folds out of site.
- Be sure to tuck the ends in on the other side of the necklace too.  



-this is a great way to get versatility out of you scarves and jewelry.
- be creative use multiple scarves, different prints, etc... the possibilities are endless
- When everyone asks where you got your cool necklace be sure to tell them where you learned how to do it.
 Fashionably Speaking that is…Joie Cuentista

Friday, March 21, 2014

OOTD: Sexy Librarian ;)

   Lol you know this was one of those days that you spend at your closet sifting through literally everything, cause you just can't seem to find ANYTHING! (lol) Well I think I changed my clothes at least fifty times (yes that was an exaggeration but you get the point) but in the end I found success.
   Sometimes you have days like this Dolls when nothing seems to be fitting right ,looking right , or most importantly acting right. But you know what? That's okay cause what we need to learn is that these are days when you lighten up, if you can't get the Muhammad to the mountain bring the mountain to Muhammad. Newsflash You don't have to be exclusively vintage all the time, sometimes you need some other pieces in your closet especially for these days. Certain pieces like blazers which are hard to find in vintage and reproduction are too easy to find now and can be paired quite nicely with your dresses, skirts and pants to give you a bit of confidence on yucky days. Cardis are also great, as well as button down blouses (which if you find them in interesting patterns and colors can add an interesting element to your look). My point is I know a lot of people that are into Vintage, Pinup, or Rockabilly can be really elitist and if your new or transitioning you can really stress yourself out with trying to learn the rules. And the fact is they aren't any, its what you decide. So be free to mix and match and have fun that's what vintage is all about.

Today I went for the Sexy Librarian Look with a modern twist (clearly).

Skirt: Black & White wolf and tiger face print pencil skirt (Hot Topic $23 )
Shirt: Black leotard (Local dance store)
Cardigan: Vintage 1950's hand embroider black flowed cardi (Local Vintage Shop $40)

Sweater chain: evil eye silver chain ( $4.00)
Earrings: Cream & Gold bow studs ( Claire's $3.50 )

    Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dita is in Bloomingdales? Victoria Who…

 Dolls it is my pleasure to announce that today was the launch of the incomparable, luscious Dita Von Tease’s line of sexy and functional lingerie available at the fabulous Bloomingdales exclusively. I’m just all a quiver. Fans of Dita have been dying for her to come out with a line and with her love of lingerie it’s no surprise that she would start here. Staying true to her Vintage roots she clearly drew inspiration from her burlesque background as well the pinup art she loves to collect in her personal life. But don’t count this lingerie out as just for good time’s ladies it’s actually functional as well. The line includes slips, garters, waist cinchers, bras and panties in beautiful leopard prints, lace, wine, and more. Don’t think this line is just another vintage reproduction line because it’s not Doll’s actually far from it, you can really see Dita’s personality in the pieces and in addition to its obvious Pinup influences the line somehow manages to stay modern. This is a collection that women of all walks of life are going to love, just like the women who designed them.
Dita is modeling the actual pieces in the collection also in the picture above

Frizzy, Limp, and Just plain glim...But that's okay I Got a Scarf Look #2

Okay here we go time for look number 2 Doll's get those scarves out cause this will be quick.

Step 1:
Separate you bang and put the rest of your hair in a French roll that's it, I don't need to tell you how to do the French roll we've all done that style at least once. So...on to next stage.

- Take your scarf folding length wise (for this I used a long scarf one you can wrap around you neck about twice). You want to fold it as small as you can but keep it flat not round.
- Making sure your tails are even holding the tails in your hands bring the flat side of the scarf up and under your French roll.
- Continue up behind your ear, then bring it around behind your bang
- Instead of tying directly where behind your bang section your going to twist the two ends around
- Twist the ends a second time
- That will give you a little twisty pull that back so that its flat
- Reverse back to behind your roll, but don't double over where you've already gone there should be two separate sections where you can clearly see your hair in-between.
- You can either leave your tails hanging, tie them into a bow or tuck them into scarf where its already tied.

- Unclip your bang and comb it out
- If you need to curl your hair do a flip curl on the ends only, holding the curling iron for about 8secs.
    - Separate in two sections lightly tease and then smooth back down
- Get a little pomade ( I personally use coconut oil it works for everything) smooth it on the hair and gather the ends of the hair.
- Your basically doing a roll but instead of going under your going up
- Take two bobbies and pin inside either end of your roll
- Next do your tweaking to make sure it frames your face to your satisfaction.

And that's all folks > * <

                                           Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Frizzy, Limp, and Just plain glim...But that's okay I Got a Scarf Look 1

         So I did this look the same day I went to the theatre, (look for the OOTD post 'Catching a Daytime Show) to be honest I was having a really bad hair day. I couldn't get my curls to act right what so ever I swear I must have spent forever in the bathroom so I said forget it and decided to straighten out my hair and curl it. I had planned to this this really fabulous Dandridge in Carmen inspired look but...when I got out of the shower my hair was a frizzy mess. my roots were beginning to puff up and my hair was frizzed up with humidity. Basically I looked like the before picture of a hair ad, not a good look. 

        But never to fear cause when all other hair options fail a Doll can always fall back on her trusty scarf. I know that a lot of people don't like them cause you think your stuck with just one look but that's not true, in actuality the possibilities of a scarf are endless. Once you learn that you have options with scarfs you'll begin to look at them different ways.  So this week I'm going to show you Dolls some different hair looks to do with those scarfs for those days like I had, and not only that I'll show you some other uses as well. I hope you enjoy.

OOTD: Catching a Daytime Show

So Dolls this one is actually from last week but I forgot to post it (insert puppy eyes) , but me and my mother actually went to this really cool event called dancers from around the world. Basically dance companies representing various countries from across the globe showed their folk and traditional dances and how they all coincided with each other, it was a great event and you should check your local state events to see if the show comes to your state. There were belly dancers from the Middle east, flamenco Dancers from Spain, I can't even remember them all.  But anyway the show we went to was during the day so I kept it casual but a little dressy.

Top: Vintage red turtleneck no label

Skirt: Vintage full circle skirt w/pockets ( (Rusty Zipper is an online vintage store so you can't really by the same thing that you in my picture. But check the site daily you never know what you'll find ;)

Belt: Leatherette wide belt with metal bar (

Scarf: Vintage Bill Blass worn around hair

Bag: (not in picture sorry) Vintage leather clutch from 80's inherited from my Aunt

Earrings: Freshwater Pearl and button earrings by Unexpected Things (my own jewelry line)

As always Dolls...
Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Curly Dolls Hairstyle Lookbook

I bet this isn’t the ideal palette you expect to start with when you get up to start on your hair…But for many Dolls it is. If you’re a Curlie like me stick around for some tips on vintage hairstyling with your natural texture.

            One of the key pieces in putting together any look and for us Vintage Dolls one of the key pieces to keep our looks authentic is our hair. Unlike what people think we don’t spend hours and hours on our hair but we do spend time on it none-the-less. We cut, color, curl, pin, roll, tuck, tease and that’s just to name a few. A lot of us follow some of our favorite YouTube vintage hair and makeup gurus like Lisa Freemont street, and A Vintage Vanity to name a couple of my favorites and we follow them religiously. Then feeling extremely proud of ourselves when we’ve mastered yet another style. However here’s the thing if you’re like me you notice an extreme lack in these tutorials for women with naturally curly hair or even women of color. For us Curly Dolls were often left a little baffled after watching these tutorials as great and informative as they are they are often of little use for women with really curly hair, or coarse hair, etc…. We have no idea how they will look on our hair and we have no idea how to begin cause at least half of the steps we don’t need.

            Many of us either don’t straighten our hair at all or like me very rarely nor have no desire to, so there is little to no use for the pink foam rollers or a curling iron which the majority or most vintage styles start with. So what’s a curly girl to do? 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Exfoliating for Dummies ;)

Okay so here's a quick tip for you Dolls, since I know that if we never agree on anything else I will stake anything on the fact that every Doll covets clear, beautiful skin.

So do you need to exfoliate but you have sensitive skin? Or do you just find what's out there on the market to be too gritty or harsh to use on your face? Well here's what you do.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pick A Side Any Side

We all see those two words thrown around all the time. Pinup… Rockabilly, but have you ever wondered what the difference between the two is? If there is even one?


                 First a bit of history for all those that like to get all the technicalities out of the wayJ. Rockabilly emerged in the late 30’s early 40’s and began gaining popularity in the 1950’s. Technically it isn’t a style it’s a genre of music. Actually it’s one of the earlier styles of rock n’ roll that blends hillbilly (which at the time was an offensive term), boogie woogie, and rock n’ roll of course. Some of the more popularly known rockabilly artist would be Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Bill Haley and His Comets who recorded ‘Rock Around The Clock’. Initially Rockabilly had a lot of negative connotations and was received poorly by not only older and northern Americans but musicians alike. Around the 1960’s Rockabilly music began to die out, so though it had a big impact on American culture it really wasn’t around for very long at least in popular culture. However Rockabilly music did experience resurgences off and on in 1980 and again in the early 1990’s with groups like The Cramps, The Polecats, and Los Lobos.

                 When you talk about Pinup it gets a little tricky. If you want to know when the term Pinup Girl or Pinup was coined? That would be 1941… essentially a Pinup was a model who’s mass produced photos, postcards, drawings, posters, etc… could be found ‘pined up’ on a wall or wherever.  Even though the term Pinup didn’t come about until ’41 we know that women have been posing for this genre of photography since as early as the 1890’s. As before with Rockabilly originally Pinup had nothing to do with a clothing style or subculture instead it referred strictly to a style of photography and the models that posed for them. Some of the more famous Pinup models include Josephine Baker, Joi Lansing and of course the fabulous Bettie Page. Over the years Pinup has always been controversial, it consistently challenged societies views on the role of the women, and challenged women themselves as they argued over what effect these images had on not only society but on themselves.

                Whew *wipes forearm across brow* well we’ve got the history lesson out of the way, and the truth is being a history major I just couldn’t help myselfJ. Okay moving on… the Essence of Rockabilly and Pinup are still alive but now-a-days it’s safe to say that they do have double meanings.

                Today Rockabilly no longer simply refers to music but an entire subculture is the easiest way to explain it. Now-a-days music and style seems to run so closely together and if you pay attention you notice  (of course this doesn’t go for everyone) that people that listen to the same music i.e. hip hop, rock, tend to dress alike and also like similar things. The same thing goes for people that enjoy Rockabilly music. Because the genre came about in the ‘50’s it makes sense that the people that enjoy the music would enjoy not only the culture of that era but the fashions as well.

                 Pinup it tends to have a double meaning now. The original meaning still stands there some great traditional modern pinups today such as Angelique Noire, Cherry Dollface, and Doris Mayday. In addition to the traditional meaning a Pinup is also known as a woman that dresses strictly vintage usually the 40 -60’s eras but a Pinup goes for a more glam look.

                 In reference to whether there’s a difference between Rockabilly and Pinup…well in the end there’s not. The lines between Pinup and Rockabilly cross and blur so much until they are nearly indistinguishable. I think the stereotypical misconception is that when you think Rockabilly you think Leather jacket, white-tee, and cuffed jeans. Whereas the stereotype for Pinup tends to be the black wiggle dress, red lips and Maryjanes. But all us Dolls know these are just what they are, Stereotypes. They are the rare days when I want to be casual and wear my button down shirt and high-waisted pants, then the days I want to bust out that wiggle dress, or off the shoulder top to show off the tattoos.  The point is in the end Pinup is Rockabilly and Rockabilly is Pinup, yes they are actual terms with meanings but style wise…they go hand in hand.  And more importantly it’s what you want it to be.