Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dita is in Bloomingdales? Victoria Who…

 Dolls it is my pleasure to announce that today was the launch of the incomparable, luscious Dita Von Tease’s line of sexy and functional lingerie available at the fabulous Bloomingdales exclusively. I’m just all a quiver. Fans of Dita have been dying for her to come out with a line and with her love of lingerie it’s no surprise that she would start here. Staying true to her Vintage roots she clearly drew inspiration from her burlesque background as well the pinup art she loves to collect in her personal life. But don’t count this lingerie out as just for good time’s ladies it’s actually functional as well. The line includes slips, garters, waist cinchers, bras and panties in beautiful leopard prints, lace, wine, and more. Don’t think this line is just another vintage reproduction line because it’s not Doll’s actually far from it, you can really see Dita’s personality in the pieces and in addition to its obvious Pinup influences the line somehow manages to stay modern. This is a collection that women of all walks of life are going to love, just like the women who designed them.
Dita is modeling the actual pieces in the collection also in the picture above

Now I have to be honest Dolls cause for many of us the most important element is price point. Well let’s be honest this is a line made for Bloomingdales so we know it’s not going to be dirt cheap. The price point for the Dita Von Tease Lingerie Line ranges from between $60 -$125 for braziers, garter range from $48-$74, and chemises $128- $150, but Dolls don’t let this deter you. These items are impeccably made, the craftsmanship that went into them especially for the price point is amazing. In addition to that these are investment pieces, Dolls we spend an absorbent amount of money on our lingerie each year buying the same things over and over most of the time because we’re too cheap to buy it right the second time. There is a saying: ‘It’s better to have a little that means a lot than a lot that means a little’ so applying that saying to your clothing and even our underwear imagine how much better we will look with well-made properly fitting undergarments. Not only that this is now one of the few lines that allows us the confidence of feeling beautiful in our underwear and having it actually work. And besides who doesn't love having a naughty little secret under their dress ( I sure do >*< ).

So go out there and support Miss Von Tease Dolls I know I already have. As a special with the launch of Dita’s new line Bloomsdale’s is running a special on all these beautiful pieces and that does include free shipping so head on over and order quick before its gone.

Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista