Friday, March 21, 2014

OOTD: Sexy Librarian ;)

   Lol you know this was one of those days that you spend at your closet sifting through literally everything, cause you just can't seem to find ANYTHING! (lol) Well I think I changed my clothes at least fifty times (yes that was an exaggeration but you get the point) but in the end I found success.
   Sometimes you have days like this Dolls when nothing seems to be fitting right ,looking right , or most importantly acting right. But you know what? That's okay cause what we need to learn is that these are days when you lighten up, if you can't get the Muhammad to the mountain bring the mountain to Muhammad. Newsflash You don't have to be exclusively vintage all the time, sometimes you need some other pieces in your closet especially for these days. Certain pieces like blazers which are hard to find in vintage and reproduction are too easy to find now and can be paired quite nicely with your dresses, skirts and pants to give you a bit of confidence on yucky days. Cardis are also great, as well as button down blouses (which if you find them in interesting patterns and colors can add an interesting element to your look). My point is I know a lot of people that are into Vintage, Pinup, or Rockabilly can be really elitist and if your new or transitioning you can really stress yourself out with trying to learn the rules. And the fact is they aren't any, its what you decide. So be free to mix and match and have fun that's what vintage is all about.

Today I went for the Sexy Librarian Look with a modern twist (clearly).

Skirt: Black & White wolf and tiger face print pencil skirt (Hot Topic $23 )
Shirt: Black leotard (Local dance store)
Cardigan: Vintage 1950's hand embroider black flowed cardi (Local Vintage Shop $40)

Sweater chain: evil eye silver chain ( $4.00)
Earrings: Cream & Gold bow studs ( Claire's $3.50 )

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