Thursday, February 20, 2014

Suck it in Doll… Don’t be that girl

I think it’s about that time we talk foundations Dolls…and I don’t mean makeup. I mean the dreaded girdle. I know that no woman wants to talk about or face that moment when she needs a girdle  because for some reason we associate them with 'letting ourselves go'. But let me just put your mind at ease right now. You are not the only one that needs a girdle in fact its a staple undergarment for the young adult and adult woman! Every woman no matter what her size, shape, or weight needs a proper foundation which means she need the correct undergarments under her clothing. This is even more of a necessity if you’re a Pinup/Rockabilly/Vintage Doll. With those crop tops, pencil skirts and wiggle dresses we all love some much it’s even more important to actually look as good as we feel.
The dreaded word girdle can have a lot of negative connotations (believe me I know), they tend to be thought of as an old lady thing, or something you wear only if you're fat. Well that’s completely outdated, off base and untrue. Women’s underwear has come a long way since the “old days” with all the options and styles out now out there its safe to saw it's truly something for everyone. You no longer have to worry about being embarrassed if someone sees what’s underneath your clothing. However anyway you look at it not many of us are six feet tall and a hundred pounds, and with the average American woman starting at a size 14 the reality is that most of us have curves, pouches, etc… and if you are choosing to dress in form fitting clothing you need to make sure your foundation is taken care of. Nothing ruins an outfit more than a visible muffin top, or rolls. You don’t want to be THAT GIRL! None of us do.

What’s the point of wearing a girdle?  

Well it’s simple, no matter how much time passes some things always remain the same and that is the admiration of the female form. Throughout the years with the changes in society, economics, and style, women and men alike have always agreed that a women with an hourglass figure is standard for feminine beauty. The first girdles ever produced, the corset was designed to mold the female form into the desired figure. Thank God we have moved past the days of the corset, I don’t need to give you Dolls a history lesson on the damage that torture device has done to women through the years. But I think it’s safe to say that in the end we still hope to achieve the same results as back then which are to smooth out the back, suck in the stomach, cinch in the waist and lift and separate the thighs.

What are my options? 
Like I said before, shape wear has come a long way from Grandma’s time. Though we accept the same results we have a lot more choices out there Dolls. In essence there six different types of girdles or shape wear to pick from:

1.    Waist Cincher:  
The waist cincher is designed to do exactly what it says. They are a few different types however a traditional waist cincher will wrap around the waist. At its highest it will go to just under the bust line (so one would usually wear a brazier with these) and then stops at the hip or waist. For you Dolls that need extra help for around the mid section. Waist cinchers will really pull you in and create the appearance of a tiny waist when there isn’t one.


2.    Shape wear briefs/ control briefs:  

This is basically a combination of a panty and a waist cincher. They can be in the form of a panty or short  or high waist brief, and will go up over the stomach and stop at your waist or under the bust. These types of shape wear are great for you Dolls that don’t need much, just need to smooth out a muffin top or accentuate the waist. These are also great because they vary in range from low to high control.





3.    Full body girdle/ All-in-One         

The full body girdle will give you the most coverage and tend to be the most versatile when it comes to your choices. They will almost always include a brazier (though you can find plenty that don’t). They cover the torso down to the hip, with coverage also given to the thigh and butt areas (which is always great). You can even find what is called a full body girdle and those can go down as far as the mid-thigh, knees, or ankles.





4.    Open Bottom Girdle/ Garter Skirt               

Is exactly that, the bottom of the girdle is left open (which in my opinion make it incredibly more functional) with garter straps that can range from between four to twelve. Typically the open bottom girdle will resemble a highwaisted miniskirt. They will have a tummy control panel and the skirt with go down past the hip and stop just at the upper thigh with the garter straps attached to the bottom of the skirt. These give you great lower body coverage and are extremely sexy for the Doll that’s conscious of those types of things. This is also give you a great reason to start collecting vintage stockings ;)





5.    Maternity Girdle/ Post pardon Girdle           

Okay this one isn’t very popular but for all you expectant mothers out there you will love this one. The Maternity girdle is designed to offer lift and support to the expectant mothers burgeoning belly. Within the girdle contains what is called a ‘belly belt’ which is a wide strip that wraps under the belly providing support, lift and compression. For those that are worried the Maternity girdle is extremely safe and will actually aid in making your pregnancy more comfortable. If you are a woman who finds your back increasingly arching as you baby grows this is perfect for you.

The Post pardon girdle is meant to be used after the baby is born. It helps with support and compression, mainly it as your stomach returns back to normal the post pardon girdle with lift and compress your muscles speeding the process and often aid in the prevention of loss of muscle mass. Dolls that need this one will wear it daily and if you can when you sleep as well, the idea is to wear it as much as possible.


Maternity Girdle

Low point:


High point:


Post pardon girdle


6.    Enhancing Shape wear         

In my opinion this is the best kind of shape wear and self-explanatory. There’s padded shape wear which will give you that extra padding you need in your hips, booty and even thighs. Then the Brazilian butt enhancers, which resemble a shape wear brief except that in the back there’s a hole where each butt cheek goes. (I promise you they make your ass look bubbly and amazing) Another is skin enhancing shape wear, which is really cool they give you all the benefits of what you look for in your shape wear but they are also infused with vitamins or skin treatments to seep into the skin and enhance the appearance, tone and condition.

But enhancer shape wear:

Brazilian butt shape wear



Four pad girdle panty



Skin enhancing shape wear



How do I find out my size?  

Like any piece of clothing you need to know your measurements. Typically you need you bust, waist, and hip (ex: 40-30-42) from there you can refer to the manufacturers sizing guide to the one you need.

Where do I buy?

The women’s underwear section of any department or clothing store will have a shape wear section as well. Also there are a plethora of online companies which I recommend especially if you’re like me and prefer to wear vintage shape wear.
Here are a few:

Hips and Curves (plus size shape wear company)


Vintage Inspired Shape wear


EBay Vintage Girdle Search results


Hourglass Angel Shape wear Company


Fredrick’s of Hollywood (corsets)


So don’t forgot Dolls shape wear is not only your friend but it’s a necessity. It will help you look polished in your outfits and you will also feel more confident because you know you are looking your absolute best. We take a lot of time on our looks Dolls to have it ruined by carelessness or vanity. Por pavor Don't be that girl  !


Fashionably Speaking That Is…Joie Cuentista