Saturday, February 8, 2014

Let's Get Crafty

One thing is for certain if nothing else us Dolls love our shades, and this year there are some great new trends as well as some revivals of some of our old favorites giving us endless options to pic from. From the giant round eye sunglass to the sleek cat eye and everywhere in between there seems to be something for everyone this year. However just because trends change or the seasons change doesn’t mean that it’s required to hit the store and start shopping cause let’s be honest Dolls not all of us can afford it.

Well it just so happens that one of the best places to shop is right in your very own closet. You can even make a day of it with your girlfriends, have them all bring their stuff over. Have a few cups of wine and some snacks put on a fashion show for each other, make a game out of what’s in the keep pile, the charity pile then make a third pile for pieces you’d like to use to swap with each other. I’m telling you it’s a fun time. Once you’re done and you’re looking at your keep pile all by your lonesome be opened minded. Don’t limit yourself by being afraid to make changes to your clothing and accessories, especially when they are inexpensive pieces. This is your way to add your own personal flare and touch to your wardrobe, and show your own personal artistic expression. And before you start to say I’m not artistic stop right now I don’t want to hear it. Everyone has an inner artist and if you truly think you don’t then in the beginning keep your DIY projects simple and as your confidence grows you move on from there.

So here’s a great DIY for all levels its supper simple and I’ll take you through it. Remember you don’t have to do it exactly like I did this is just an idea. As I said go online check out the trends, Google style pics of your favorite classic Hollywood star, and also latest fashion news for inspiration and go from there. You may find yourself copying a DIY project or doing your own take on a designer pair of shades like me. But whatever you do remember to have fun…


Kate Spade Inspired Cat Eye Glasses


·         Glue (I recommend E6000 Crafters glue it is the best you will never have to worry about anything falling off. I use this brand all the time.)

·         Rhinestones, flowers, spikes, etc… (Whatever you choose to use. I purchased my box of flat back rhinestones from the jewelry section of Michaels)

·         Sunglasses (Duh!)

·         Trash bag (the glue can get messy and ruin things so you’ll want to lay the trash bags out on the surface of wherever you work)



So this is going to be really simple just three steps and that’s it. See I told you anyone could do it ;)

Step One:

First thing you want to do is go through your box of rhinestones and lay out your supplies. Whatever style of glasses you use (round, square, cat eye, etc…) you want to play around with the style and placement of your stones, flowers or spikes. Keep in mind the shape and size of the glasses, as well as how much rim space you have in which to place your decorations on. You don’t want to put anything to big or small, nor make it look too cluttered. So take this time to play around a bit before you commit.


Step Two:

Now that you have your design together and know what you’re doing it’s time to move over to your glue. Now you don’t need a lot this stuff is really potent, just a small drop on the back of your rhinestone and a drop on the frame where you are placing the item. Lightly press the rhinestone down into the frame and count for 30 seconds. Then repeat.


Step Three:

Place your completed sunglasses in a clear space and allow them to dry thoroughly. The packaging on the glue will tell you that it only takes about 3 hours to set however I highly recommend you give it at least 24 hrs. before wearing your newly revamped glasses.


Ø  Keep the tube of E6000 horizontal even once you’re finished. That keeps it from clogging up.

Ø  Place tape everywhere on the frame that’s not going to be getting glued to prevent having to cleanup spills.

And that’s it, all that’s left is to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Fashionably Speaking That Is…Joie Cuentista