Sunday, February 16, 2014


Though a lot of people were obsessed and running rampant over the fact that Valentine’s Day was this week, if you’re anything like me V-day definitely took a backseat to the start of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! For all you New Yorkers out there and the New Yorkers at heart…it doesn’t get better than Fashion Week. The excitement, competition, anticipation, the fashion…the street fashions alone will have your eyes bulging. Everyone waits with baited breath to see what the new fashion styles for fall/14 will be, what will be the next greatest trend, or what the new it piece for the season will be. This year they did not disappoint designers and everyone from Anna Sui, and Betsy Johnson to The Blonds and Zac Posen came out to show their much anticipated collections to the world of fashion.

                This year’s fashion week we saw a lot of nudes, pastels and whites along with great pops of color. The fabrics lent towards cashmere, wool, jerseys, a lot of shiny fabrics, and leather and cotton to name a few…furs continued to play a prominent roll as well as fur, leather and feather accents, and shearling. We also saw a lot of beading and sequence. We saw a lot of loose flowing pants and dresses, midi length skirts, double breasted coats, abstract prints and vintage inspired silhouettes. Many kept with the formula that’s been working the past few years therefore we saw a lot of interpretation of the skinny pants, skater dresses and skirts, and also bra and crop tops. I loved the minimalist tone to a lot of the collections as well as the ultra femme, gender neutral and edgy tones of others. There weren’t very many innovative or out of the box collections. Overall many of the collections from NYFW seemed to be repetitive, designers stuck to the same styles and formulas that have seemed to be working the past few seasons

                Styling was amazing this year and for many shows were actually wearable, dewy, clean skin was seen in just about every show as well as the min. The smoky eye was given a new twist  instead of heavy black models sported wet bronzed, as well as soft purple and neutral shades. One new trend introduced was the black eye and while not for everyone, if worn in a toned down manner I think it has the potential to be rather pretty. The brows were full and arched, smudged up cat eye liner, white eyeliner, one show even sported models with liner only on the lower lid. The dark lip was very popular, as well as the bold lip. DKNY sported ‘Orange Crush’ while Berrardi showed us ‘Tomato Red’, some other shades used for shows ranged from ‘Pepto Pink’ to Vivid Violet’. As far as hair saw a lot of side parts and hair accessories with hair worn straight as well as in soft curls or waves and messy low buns and ponytails.  Hats made a strong showing the bucket hat, berets and caps were seen in multiple shows. Boots also remained popular especially flat over the knee boots which was seen in a few shows.

                I know all of this sounds fine but when we get down to it what we really want to know is what the key pieces will be for next fall. Overall it seems that there are 3 major trends:

1.       Relaxed fitting flowing and wide legged pants (so for all of you Dolls that hate all these tight pants, you can rest in knowing that you can soon put them away).

2.       Anything shiny (I know that’s vague but its true). Sequin, beading, and shiny metallic colors.

3.       Outer wear. Sweaters, furs (real and faux), and capes have made a big resurgence. People often forget that outerwear can also be fashionable, but great pieces like boxy shawl collar coats, shearling jackets and wool fur accented capes will show people otherwise.


You don’t have to be in NY to enjoy fashion week, they’re plenty of websites that are giving excellent coverage as well as YouTube channels like ‘Fashion TV’ and ‘Fatal Fashion’ who post the full shows and backstage access. So if you haven’t checked out 2014 fall MBFW you need to cause this year is not to be missed. Here a few of my favorite shows for you to check out.

Enjoy and as always J

Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista