Friday, January 17, 2014

Let's Wrap It Up !

So Dolls let’s give a great big cheer to Diane Von Furstenberg the creator of the wondrous wrap dress, which is every pin up girls essential and every modern girls go to. DVF’s wrap dress is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Can you imagine? Who would have known that some simple draping would have changed the face of women’s fashion as we know it, and for that matter so many women. And it all started in 1974 when a bright faced, tenacious, young Diane who came to New York with a suitcase and 12 dresses that would turn the industry upside down and solidify her place in pop culture. So in honor of the big 40 I am going to help you find your perfect wrap dress.

Now the beauty of this sillaette is that it speaks for itself, its feminine, and it truly looks good on EVERYONE! But you have to get the right one for you. Wrap dresses have come a long way from the ones back in the 70’s and you have way more options to pick from now. They are also a great way show off accessories, or a safe way to wear a bold print. Now what I am about to say is the most important part, the most essential thing when wearing a wrap dress is that you want to have a good foundation on. Yes the silluitette is forgiving however it’s not that forgiving. I don’t know how many times you walk down street or wherever and you see a Doll and she looks great except for … Please, Please, Please don’t that girl. Everyone needs proper undergarments no matter their size.

Here are some great options for any budget :

Diane Von Furstianburg Vintage Julian Wrap Dress:
On sale at ebay for $149
Old Navy Cap Sleeved Wrap Dress :

Vintage Anne Kline Wrap Dress :

Happy Anniversary DVF and Happy Shopping Dolls

Fashionably Speaking that is…Joie Cuentista