Friday, June 27, 2014

Post 15: The Vintage Muse Series Part 3: Bronze Does Red

           I think it’s safe to say that if you’re a true Vintage Doll nothing gets your juices flowing like that perfect shade of red lipstick it’s not only the pistereistance to that perfect ensemble but when you find your perfect shade…there’s nothing in the world that makes you feel sexier. But on the other hand nothing can also be more complicated. The millions of brands, shades, tones the choices are endless and confusing, not to mention the countless number of beauty rules that we can never seem to keep up with. Are we a summer or winter, cool or warm? Do I tell this by my veins? Or skin tone? And if its skin tone how the hell am I supposed to determine that, I’m not a makeup artist? Then they’re the different undertones to consider for example brown-based reds, blue-based red, orange-based reds and so on. I mean let’s face it Dolls finding your perfect shade sometimes can feel like rocket science. However in my opinion like most things we its way more hard then in needs to be, so before we go on I must admit I am by no means an expert on makeup. In fact to be honest I’m not a big makeup wearer but, I never leave the house without my lipstick so I can tell you a thing or two on the subject. So first I’ll share tips I’ve picked up along the way that’ll help everyone. Then I’ll share some special tips for all my fellow special Bronze Goddesses out there.

                There two ways to do this, we’ll begin the original. The easiest way to successfully hunt down that perfecto red is to find out your personal undertone.  
    The easy way but also potentially costly is to go to your local department store makeup counter and have your colors done, however you can easily do it yourself. Here are a few ways how.


Friday, June 13, 2014

Extra; Extra: REISSUED

   Jen Delonge is a designer for Barneys but is also the creator of one of the best apps ever!

   It's called Reissued an online market place for your smartphone or tablet, where you can sell and purchase vintage clothing, music, d├ęcor, and art. The app is the perfect opportunity to get you in touch with hard to find flea market finds, or personal treasures a person is ready to part with.  If you're a person that lives in an area that offers little to no choices vintage wise, apps like this are perfect. essentially stores, flea markets, and boutiques from all over the country are available at the touch of your fingertip. The app is easy to navigate and you get the chance to discover these great little shops from all over the county , as well as access stock from major retailors like American Rag. So be sure to look for the app and check it out.

                          Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista

Extra; Extra: Vintage Vogue by GW


            Feel like going for a road trip? Cause it's just been announced that Goodwill Industries is officially taking their first step into this century. On Tuesday June 17th  Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana will be opening up a new store but there's a twist Dolls, this one will be boutique style as well
exclusive stock vintage goods.
          According to Goodwill reps For this new boutique call 'Vintage Vogue by GW' the boutique will by stocked through the regular charitable donations to its other stores,  except items will go through more of a selective process before inclusion in the boutique. Even though the store will mainly carry clothing there will also be some unique home goods, and one of a kind furniture that can be found.

         The store is set to be much smaller than the usual Goodwill stores and Supercenters the given estimates around 2500 square feet. However if this new venture is successful they are talking about opening another in Downtown Indiana, and after that who knows where. Maybe a state near you...

Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista