Friday, June 13, 2014

Extra; Extra: Vintage Vogue by GW


            Feel like going for a road trip? Cause it's just been announced that Goodwill Industries is officially taking their first step into this century. On Tuesday June 17th  Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana will be opening up a new store but there's a twist Dolls, this one will be boutique style as well
exclusive stock vintage goods.
          According to Goodwill reps For this new boutique call 'Vintage Vogue by GW' the boutique will by stocked through the regular charitable donations to its other stores,  except items will go through more of a selective process before inclusion in the boutique. Even though the store will mainly carry clothing there will also be some unique home goods, and one of a kind furniture that can be found.

         The store is set to be much smaller than the usual Goodwill stores and Supercenters the given estimates around 2500 square feet. However if this new venture is successful they are talking about opening another in Downtown Indiana, and after that who knows where. Maybe a state near you...

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