Friday, June 13, 2014

Extra; Extra: REISSUED

   Jen Delonge is a designer for Barneys but is also the creator of one of the best apps ever!

   It's called Reissued an online market place for your smartphone or tablet, where you can sell and purchase vintage clothing, music, d├ęcor, and art. The app is the perfect opportunity to get you in touch with hard to find flea market finds, or personal treasures a person is ready to part with.  If you're a person that lives in an area that offers little to no choices vintage wise, apps like this are perfect. essentially stores, flea markets, and boutiques from all over the country are available at the touch of your fingertip. The app is easy to navigate and you get the chance to discover these great little shops from all over the county , as well as access stock from major retailors like American Rag. So be sure to look for the app and check it out.

                          Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista