Thursday, March 20, 2014

Frizzy, Limp, and Just plain glim...But that's okay I Got a Scarf Look #2

Okay here we go time for look number 2 Doll's get those scarves out cause this will be quick.

Step 1:
Separate you bang and put the rest of your hair in a French roll that's it, I don't need to tell you how to do the French roll we've all done that style at least once. So...on to next stage.

- Take your scarf folding length wise (for this I used a long scarf one you can wrap around you neck about twice). You want to fold it as small as you can but keep it flat not round.
- Making sure your tails are even holding the tails in your hands bring the flat side of the scarf up and under your French roll.
- Continue up behind your ear, then bring it around behind your bang
- Instead of tying directly where behind your bang section your going to twist the two ends around
- Twist the ends a second time
- That will give you a little twisty pull that back so that its flat
- Reverse back to behind your roll, but don't double over where you've already gone there should be two separate sections where you can clearly see your hair in-between.
- You can either leave your tails hanging, tie them into a bow or tuck them into scarf where its already tied.

- Unclip your bang and comb it out
- If you need to curl your hair do a flip curl on the ends only, holding the curling iron for about 8secs.
    - Separate in two sections lightly tease and then smooth back down
- Get a little pomade ( I personally use coconut oil it works for everything) smooth it on the hair and gather the ends of the hair.
- Your basically doing a roll but instead of going under your going up
- Take two bobbies and pin inside either end of your roll
- Next do your tweaking to make sure it frames your face to your satisfaction.

And that's all folks > * <

                                           Fashionably Speaking…Joie Cuentista