Sunday, March 16, 2014

Frizzy, Limp, and Just plain glim...But that's okay I Got a Scarf Look 1

         So I did this look the same day I went to the theatre, (look for the OOTD post 'Catching a Daytime Show) to be honest I was having a really bad hair day. I couldn't get my curls to act right what so ever I swear I must have spent forever in the bathroom so I said forget it and decided to straighten out my hair and curl it. I had planned to this this really fabulous Dandridge in Carmen inspired look but...when I got out of the shower my hair was a frizzy mess. my roots were beginning to puff up and my hair was frizzed up with humidity. Basically I looked like the before picture of a hair ad, not a good look. 

        But never to fear cause when all other hair options fail a Doll can always fall back on her trusty scarf. I know that a lot of people don't like them cause you think your stuck with just one look but that's not true, in actuality the possibilities of a scarf are endless. Once you learn that you have options with scarfs you'll begin to look at them different ways.  So this week I'm going to show you Dolls some different hair looks to do with those scarfs for those days like I had, and not only that I'll show you some other uses as well. I hope you enjoy.

Scarf Look #1

The Scarf I'm using is my vintage Bill Blass scarf, this is a smaller size scarf but for this style you don't necessarily have to use this style scarf though I do think it would be easier.

STEP 1: The scarf
Step one is your scarf clearly you want to have it laid out so you can see the square.
STEP 2: Fold 1
Now you want to fold your scarf in half diagonally so that you make a triangle.
It should look like this
STEP 3: Fold 2
Starting at the bottom (the point of your triangle), begin to fold up until you reach the top. You want to keep you fold relatively small it all depends on the size of your scarf, and be sure to fold don't roll you want it to stay on.
This is your end result.
STEP 4: Section
Separate a section of your bang and clip it so it's out of the way.
STEP 5:  The Wave
 Know this will be different depending on your hair type. Since I have curly hair I straightened my hair out before I started using coconut oil and a ceramic flat iron. But as we know that didn't go well. So I decided to go for waves so this is what I did.
  While my hair was still humid and frizzy from out of the shower I went into the kitchen got a spray bottle and mixed together equal parts filtered water and sea salt then separated the back section of my hair in three sections and made three big braids. I then blew my hair dry with the braids intact. Once the hair is dry you take out the braids and you have thick flowing waves, not the beachy kind the kind we're looking for. The key is you have to keep the braids minimal 2, 3 at the max and your hair needs to be wet but not drenched with the salt water mix.
    Now if this doesn't work for your particular hair type  you have two options. One is to simply curl your hair with a waving iron which will take like a few minutes. Two is the night before sleep with wave rollers in your hair and a foam roller at the end is and option, which in the morning will give you beautiful waves.
  Once you have your have waved give it a good brush with a soft brush, flip your hair upside down and give it a shake for volume then flip your head back up.
  Next your going to put some pomade on your sides just to get ride of any frizzies or stray hairs. once that's done you can tie the scarf around your head. Be sure to tie it behind where your bang is going and to the side.
  Fluff out the ends of the scarf and make them look pretty or you can tuck them back the band and make a little bow. For extra security tuck a bobby at each ear where its not visible and you can be sure you scarf won't slip.
Next we can do our bangs. :)
You can get these for about $3.99 at your local sally's or beauty store

Okay  this will different depending on your hair type as well so hear we go.
  This part is for everyone. Let down your bang and give it a good comb out while the curlers are heating up.
  For you Dolls with fine hair section off about half your bang and tease (please, please, please be gentle when you do this dolls. We don't want to pull our hair out. You only want to about a quarter way up your hair shaft then say "one, two, three" then stop! this is very damaging to your hair). Once your done the first section then do the second and smooth them down. (I know that Curlies don't really tease or women with thick hair so if you don't require this step skip it. I have never teased it doesn't make a difference)
  For everyone curl the end of your bang (you can also do this with a faux bang with these same steps)
Then you are going to take your fingers and guide the curl to the left making sure the bang swoops over your forehead (but like I said make it work for you, if the right Is your better side make your suicide roll go to the right who cares).
 Place your finger on base of the hair and wrapping the curl around the finger guide the hair to little loop that you'll see and pin. You'll want to place your bobbies in the inside of the roll where they're not visible.
AAAnd That's it your done :)  Here's what you should have

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