Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Who says you can't look hot while it's hot?

    Well I think everyone can agree that summer has officially made her presence known. If you're like me and live for the heat, then this means all kinds of steamy, thrilling and wet fun. Most especially LA PLAYA otherwise known as THE BEACH!  
   I get asked a lot can you be fashionable at the pool or beach...and the question is yes. There's no reason to suddenly look like a completely different person. In addition to vintage and reproduction, with both fashion and pop culture's sudden demand for nostalgia. It's slowly becoming easier to find retro inspired fashions and good.  In regards to swimwear vintage inspired styles have been booming in popularity the past couple of years. Especially in regards to high waist styles, 60's mod, etc...
To get you started  here are some of my favorites.