Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Party Wardrobe Planning : The Look For less

  The holiday season can be simutaniusly a source of unimaginable stress as well as a great chance to reflect on what's important, and a chance to connect with family and friends. However it's easy to loose sight of all of this while one has to not only plan holiday gatherings for friends,work family etc... You also countless other expenses planned, unexpected and many quite frankly that should be thrown out and burned. So My Darlings I more than understand the desire to cut back on expenses where you can ; but still want to look and feel as decadent as you have become accustomed.  So to prove to you that it is possible to create amazing holiday looks for less. I've created a vintage office party look for under $100 that can be purchased currently as our first look.

     Even though these peices are inexpensive, they still look as if you could have paid more. That's the trick when going with the LFL ideally you want to mix the higher quality pieces you already own with the cheaper ones that immediately gives you a chicer look. We' ve partially done that by adding the vintage beret (even though this isn't an expensive item it is a good piece ). But if you can't do this you want to pay attention fabrics, heavy the better. Stitching , are they straight and tight. Stretchiness what is the elasticisity like because if its bad after one wear and wash it will be a stretched out mess. And how the piece lays. I know trying things on is a pain but it will do you a world of good. 


1. Knit sweater crop sweater and skirt set from Sammysdress.com priced at $19.99
2. Quilted faux leather bag from Forever21.com on sale $19.53
3. Curved ear jacket earrings from Forever21.com $4.90
4. Vintage Goldmans velvet navy blue beret sold on Ebay.com for $15.99 + shipping and handling
vintage funky goldmans beret

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