Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Pinup Dolls Top 3 Speedy Hairstyling Tips / I woke up like this

   Hair for us ecentric Fashion and lifestyle ethusiasts can sometimes get complicated. Thankfully we have our starlets and muses of yesteryer to look back on for inspiration. But we don't always have the extra time to spend on our hair and so-on to make ourselves even more breathtakeningly stellar than we already are. So its great for both asthetic and time managment reasons, that we Dolls have a few good solid staples that you know like the back of your hand. The number one being today's topic which is hair, Pinup gals go-to do.  And no style is more classic than the good ole' victory roll.

  While some occasions call for elaborate and time consuming styles; lets be honest that's just not everyday life. We usually only have a few minutes at the most daytoday to alot for our hair during our normal routines. So while our finshed may look elaborate or very meticulous to others us Dolls know that we typically don't go around spending hours getting ready. And any shortcuts you can do to help you along and speed you up are well appreciated. 

Top 3 Speedy Vintage hairstyling tips:

1. Anything you can do the night before will cut your time down exponentially. 

From the "Vintage Hair" book
A) For many this means curling your hair. To cut back on the heat damage I recommend a technique called "Rag Curls" . You can do this quickly the night before and your Curls will last the entire week and look even better than a rollerset in my  opinion. 
Straight hair dolls
- take a old cotton shirt (etc) rip or cut it into strips.
- gather a section of your hair about a 1" or so and take a strip placing it at the end of your hair 
- as you would with a rollerset roll under until you reach your scalp. Then simply double tie together the two remaining ends 
- repeat the steps until you have done you're entire head
Curly hair Dolls
We all know our issues so here are some tips to prevent waking up to a disaster 
- I reccomend picking up Not Your Mothers Curl Pudding from the Not Your Mothers Line. It works on all hair types and does wonders, defines, prevents frizz and fights humidity as well as gives shine. 
Separate your hair into to sections and brush it out. I know us curlys have issues with combing and brushing because of the frizz however there was a reason for the 100 stroke a night our sisters from the past did. It allows the oils at your scalp to distribut all the way down your hair shaft and us curlys really need it. It won't just improve dryness problems but it will also allow to train you hair and improve the look of your curls.
- Part your hair into 4 sections and using about a dime sized amount for each section work it through and twist you your hair. You'll have perfect curls in the morning
B) If you are not already you need to be sleeping with a silk scarf. Not only does it protect your style but it protects your hair from breakage and other problems (if you ever noticed that one side of your hair is a bit longer than the other, or the back of your hair is shorter; it's because of your sleeping patterns and pillowcase). If you just can't stand to sleep with something on your head than I recommend either purchasing a silk pillowcase, or sewing a piece of silk onto your pillow.
C) Also if you aren't a wild sleeper, considering on how exactly you are styling you hair you can fix your hair the night before and tie it up. Then the only thing to do is refresh it in the morning. If you are brushing our a curl set I recommend putting on a hairnet under your scarf so that your curls don't droop overnight.
2. When your pressed for time the biggest go for simple styles and cheat where you can.
my formula is this you hairstyle whatever you come up with will only take you three minutes if you stick to this.
  • Pin
  • Roll
  • Tuck

3.  Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize! This is what turns drab to fab and it will most certainly do the same for your hair. If you don't have time to do anything at all you can pin the front of your hair
into some bettie bangs tuck the sides behind your ear and pin in a some flowers on either side. Or you could simply tying an chiffon scarf around your head, grab a turban pull out your bangs into a roll and tuck the rest of your hair safely behind the turban. These are just a few examples but whether your hair is curled or not you will look like you put a lot of time into your hair.

    I Woke Up Like This: left side part victory rolls with double rose clips.

  •     Left side part victory rolls with roses 
  •   4 bobby pins, pomade or oil ( I use frankincense and myrrh oil)
and last but not least two flower clips. I got these at Unique Vintage
however of course you are not limited to flowers Nasty dress is one of
my fave, sites for unique hair pieces.
  •  Start by parting your hair. I choose the left side but please choose
the best side for your facial shape and looks. Then rub a bit of oil or
pomade in your hands and run it throughout your hair
  • next with your finger section your hair from crown to ear and 
do a victory roll placing a bobby on either end (I explain how exactly
to a victory roll in the post "Not Just A Victory Roll")
  • Lastly place a flower (or whatever your choice) at either
side of your head.  All Done!