Friday, January 22, 2016

Imitated Not Duplicated

If you are a online shopper like me than you have seen countless companies that advertise endlessly about these celebrity inspired dresses. I don't know about you but I get really curious, not that i'm dying to look like someone else. However do these dresses really look that close to the original, and what is the quality even like. Well the only reason I even got interested to be honest was because of an ad I saw about 4-5 months ago from a company that makes dresses Dita Von Tease Dresses. is an upscale vintage inspired brand. They have boutiques all over and the one in New york is great its how I first heard of them.So without further ado.

Well I must say the hardest thing I've ever done was put my picture next to Dita Von Tease lol. Hear are my thoughts on the dress. To be brutely it's clearly not a dior however it was a great dress. It hugs your curves amazingly and makes you feel fabulous. I paired it with a dior belt that I had already in case anyone particularly likes the belt. As far as construction no loose threads, the fabric was nice and thick. But I have to be honest this wasn't a 200 dollar dress. Though I liked it I think I will search for another company for my next Dita dress, which I am currently already looking.

  Fashionably Speaking...