Friday, January 22, 2016

Red Lips and a Pillbox and You Can't Go Wrong : New Hair of The Day

  Well it's that time again for another hair of the day and I had a lot of fun with this one dolls. I have said this on numerous occasions don't be afraid to explore with hats, you will be surprised what they can bring to your looks. They spruce up a plainer dress or even make something old brand new. Don't think that you're the one person in the world that hats do not look good on because that's simply not true. I assure there is a style of hat for everyone and one of the most classic styles that makes everyone look amazing is the holy-grail of hats the pillbox. So lets get started shall we?

Hair of The Day:
Rolled bang with a ponytail

1. You just need 2 Bobby pins. Separate the bang section of your hair. Next after you finish with your pomade/ teasing if your hair requires. Gather the ends of you hair as if you are starting a pincurl,however roll under instead of the normal way. Slip a Bobby pin on either end of your bang then take your fingers and do your tweaking.
2. Smooth a bit of oil into your hands and work it through your hair, be sure to get your ends this will give you shine and prevent frizz. Brush your hair through and gather your hair into a low pony. Take a small section of hair a wrap it around the elastic pinning it with a Bobby pin. 
3. Place your hat on the crown of your head. Use hat pins to pin it in place but of you don't have them you can get away with a good ole Bobby.