Thursday, August 13, 2015

Come Shopping With Me

     I often get asked "what exactly does a shopping trip with you look like?" Well sadly on my recent shopping trip I forgot to turn on the video camera but, I think I did the next best thing. So take a second get some coffee and a sweet (no worries I'll be he Darling) and join me for a good ole fashioned show and tell.

     Shopping is hard work on any day, especially when you're a pinup doll and trolling through the vintage and consignment store isles. You need to be prepared to 1. take the complete day and 2. go to at least three stores minium. I'll tell you right now most of your time will be spent talking to the friends you've made out of the store associates' (which is always smart) and yanking through endless racks for what will seem like a lifetime. But its all worth.
     Before you walk into the store to prevent frustration and a full on tantrum. It's important to decide what your going for before you step foot in the store. Also it's good to keep in mind what's already in your closet if that's something you need to be mindful of. Something to think about, these pieces aren't just another cool outfit they're also art in and of themselves. As a collector myself, I encourage you to consider doing likewise. It will give you a new found respect for these historical artifacts. But if space is an issue or let's say you're there for a skirt or office suit I recommend downloading Stylicious.  A closet organizing app on google play store which allows you to take pictures of your wardrobe  allowing you to take it with you and simplifying planning outfits during the week.
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 This app is a lifesaver while you're looking through the isles you can keep your eyes open, and things you may normally not pick up try. Open up your app and go through your wardrobe (see the possibilities!). You'll know if you are buying yet another too similar style and cut dress and save yourself the trouble and so-on.  
Sears brand 1960s shear ivory &gold cardi

Mid fifties button up cotton baby blue blouse unknown brand
          For this particular shopping trip my plan was to go out in search of tops. I was really looking for knits not being a fan of button up tops but I surprised myself and found a few. However like I said earlier sometimes you hit the mother load and for me this was a really ,really good haul. I ended up getting some of everything, most to wear and a few to add to my collection.

Khaki sixties swing skirt
Fifties wiggle dress
Grey 1950s midi skirt
Early sixties Sax Fifth Avenue 2pc Suit

silver 80s box broach /40s
apple broach