Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Vintage Muse Series Intro: More than just a Victory Roll

     I like you follow quite a few blogs, pinterest boards and YouTube channels for beauty and style advice, but it came to my attention this week on the Born too late- Fashionably Speaking Facebook page by a very nice Doll that as fun as these articles are to read and watch and look at; they don't exactly help everyone. The fact is we love and appreciate quite frankly nearly everything to do with the past but our only connect with it is from stories told to us by our grandparents or those classic movies and television shows we're all so fanatical about. With that said when it comes to style for anyone people generally look to someone (i.e. a celebrity, model, stylish family member) they admire for whatever reason to model aspects of their personal style after. For us members of the Vintage community that seems to be especially so; generally the old Hollywood starlets' , actors, crooners, etc... tend to be our foothold into the past. We search for pictures, look for their movies, read their books, listen to music the list goes on and on.
Many Dolls strive to emulate their chosen's look to the tee, while others use them for a muse to incorporate within their own personal style. This method seems to work for many Dolls but I hate to generalize but the truth is not everyone is a glamour doll, pinup or as I like to refer to myself a bombshell. Some Dolls are just regular girls not so average girls that have no desire to walk around all the time so dressed up all time ( I mean really you must wonder did people ever go casual other than greasers?)
    I would like to call this ongoing series the "Vintage Muse" series, it will be dedicated to bringing you style inspiration from everyday America more than just victory rolls and full skirts. I will be bringing you Style Icons as well, however I plan to introduce you Dolls to little know and forgotten old icons. You'll be able to flip through this section when you need inspiring, before you head out to the thrift or vintage shop or log onto your favorite online vintage store. 

Darnell Collection - 1920 & 30s vintage fashion show

The Cat's Pajamas Vintage


College Girls Fashion show

1940's Summer Dress Fashion Show
Pretty Nostalgic Fashion show 1940's
Fashion in the '50s

A look Back at '50's Style (appeared on CBS)
Pretty Nostalgic Fashion Show 1950's
1960's :
Montgomery Ward Fashion Presentation

A Women's Wardrobe Plan
60's Fashion Show