Monday, March 2, 2015

Cultivate your Curves Dolls: My top 10 plus size vintage and reproduction retailers

  "Cultivate your curves...They may be dangerous but they won't be avoided" ---Mae West

 One of the biggest things I love about our little pinup and rockabilly community is it's celebration of the 'real woman' however she comes. I have never been a person to lack confidence but I also sadly believed in the past that I had to cover-up because even though I'm not a  plus sized woman I'm very curvy hourglass. We know stereotypes Dolls things don't look the same on extremely curvy women. You know the stereotypes: you don't want to look like a slut, or as if you're asking for it, etc... I love that with vintage clothes you don't have that problem-the more curves the better and majority of clothes where made to make a woman look like a woman. The problem now is that if you happen to be a Pleasantly Plump doll (doesn't that sound so much juicer ) now-a-days it can be really hard to find vintage and reproduction that's your size. This especially goes for reproduction which often times doesn't even carry over certain sizes at all. So that's why this post is dedicated to all my Pleasantly Plump and curvaceous Dames! Today we're talking flaw cover-up tips, shape wear, and I'll be giving my list of top 10 vintage and  reproduction sites for plus size Dolls.

Technically what I'm about to say goes for everyone, so listen up Dolls. Every Dolls that has gone through puberty needs some form of shape wear. Its not a symbol of some form of lack on your part by any means. Think of it as the final drizzle of chocolate syrup on your sundae transforming it from good to delectable. We all have flaws Dolls and quite frankly a lot of the styles we vintage dolls tend to favor are not flaw friendly. So here's a few common problems we all most likely deal with, and the solutions. So the next time you slide into that pencil skirt and tee, or wiggle dress you do it with complete confidence that you're looking your best.

Top 5 common flaw and shape wear solutions:

1.  The Muffin top 

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The tummy band : this piece of shape wear is designed to specifically elevate the problem of the muffin top. this is great for dolls that maybe don't feel comfortable taking the whole step into the world of girdles. But it will definitely get the job done.

2. Love handles 

      Full coverage smoothing camisole
A camisole can cover up a host of sins, even better they now come in shape wear form. You can choose whether you need full or medium converge, but this will quickly become your favorite piece of lingerie when you see how smooth and shapely it makes you look.

3. Stomach pouch

        Bodysuit shaper
If concealing your tummy is your main concern I recommend the bodysuit shaper. It gives you full coverage as well as help defines your waist for the Dolls that need help in that area. These types of shapers come without bras as well but what's the point in that? All you need is your bra and waist size to find the perfect one for you.

4. Thick thighs

            High waist shaper short
Are thighs your problem area? Going with a shaper that goes mid-thigh or knee length over the more popular brief will also smooth this problem area for you. You'll feel a lot more comfortable in your skirts and dresses; you'll even look that much slimmer in your skinnies.

5. Big arms

       T-shape body brief and arm shaper

If your issue is arm these types of shapers are newer onto market but they do exactly what they promise. If you're one that's uncomfortable with showing your arms this gives you more wardrobe options if you're tired of the constant cardigan and blazer.

   Now that we've gotten our skivvies taken care of, let's talk clothes Dolls. Although I'm not quite plus size now(actually Im a 10-12). I was at one point (give or take 50lbs) not that long-ago actually, so I know what  its like to go through that irritating search for something halfway decent to wear. Most  plus sized sections in stores are just terrible. Or you have basically larger versions of what's in the junior department (and we all know just cause its in your size doesn't mean you need to wear it). Finding clothing that's truly made for bigger women is few and far between. That goes double for us pinups. So this is a list of my top ten vintage and reproduction plus sized retailer. Some I used to shop at and some I know from stylish friends rave reviews.

Top ten plus-sized vintage and vintage reproduction online boutiques:

Whirling Turban couture dress
10. Unique Vintage                                        

9. The Whirling Turban :
this site is more high-end but if you're like me not a fan of vintage reproduction Whirling Turban is the perfect bridge between authentic vintage and increasing popular reproduction. The detailing these
ladies put into these dresses is amazing and styles range from wiggle to couture to the vintage reproduction wedding dress.

8.  Lady Voluptuous :

Lady Voluptuous

Lady Voluptuous sold on is the UK's first plus sized vintage label. They don't have a plethora of choices but what they do have is well made and designed to make the
most out of the curvier figure.

7.   Bally Hoo Vintage Clothing   :
Bally Hoo is a great online vintage store. They have an amazing collection. What's even more amazing is their  collection of vintage items in larger sizes. They even sell children's clothing, sewing patterns and more.

6.  Ursa Major  :
 this vintage/alternative clothing retailer is dedicated to  sizes 14 and up.

5.  Monster Vintage :
Monster has a great selection of pretty unique pieces. I've had a few friends that go there for quirky 60's day dresses.

4.  Eshakti :
Okay this isn't exactly a vintage or reproduction site. But you Dolls can find some really pretty retro inspired designs. Plus sizes for this company range from 0-36

3.  Cherry Velvet Plus :
This is a really cute plus sized line with some great reviews. They also have a eco-friendly casual line called Diane Kennedy.

2.  Wardrobe Shop :
The clothing on this site is simply stunning. The pricing is at a higher range but worth it (I own a dress from this company). Their plus size section goes up to a size 3x .

1.  Redress NYC : 

redress nyc
This company is sooo fun! They have amazing vintage pieces in larger sizes as well as other amazing pieces. You'll totally have fun here. (I wish they sold smaller so I could buy from them)

Happy Shopping!