Saturday, April 16, 2016

Rockabilly Techies Unite! Allons-y!

     Hello Darlings I've missed everyone, I know it's been awhile I've been having some set backs with my lupus but that's just the day in the life of a luppie warrior. Other than that of gotten a good bit of painting done; as those of you know that follow me on Instagram. I'll soon be opening up my online store on Facebook where you can purchase my watercolors, and sketches. Anyway that's enough about me how are all of you?

     Well today is for all my fellow Techies and geeks but I suspect everyone can find something to get excited over about this by now. I'm sure if you haven't already you will soon be hearing about Google's physical web. Its been around for awhile now but i recently went to a place that is a supporter. Which got my attention.

     The concept is is really cool. Which is to make the web/internet more interactive no matter what device or application you find yourself using.  So how we find find ourselves scanning all these URLs with our tablets and phones; only to be disappointed most of the time. This won't happen now. The physical web will turn this into a experience.
    You'll be able to apply it to your practical life. Call AARP more effecently, keep in touch with the neighborhood board. Find out where the yard sales are. Or in our case imagine going to your favourite vintage and consignment boutique. You scan in and next thin you know you get a complete experience. Music, maybe you can get the history of the item you're looking at? Maybe you can even try on you clothes on the app... It's all up to the imagination. But one things for sure it's sure to be exciting!

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