Friday, May 2, 2014

OOTD: The 60's How Utterly inappropriate

   A big issue that keeps a good many of you pinups at heart from joining the club is how utterly inappropriate walking into a room dressing this way can seem (at least surface wise). However it doesn't have to be that way. Like you have outfits set aside for church, dances, special occasions, trips to the theater, etc.. its the same with your vintage wardrobe. Your not always going to go guns blazing every time you step out the house. A good way to help you feel a bit more confident in your wardrobe choices is go for classic wardrobe staples when your shopping things like your LBD, high-waisted trousers, cardigans. Except your going for the authentic pieces not modern day versions, or inspirations, when you do it this way you will always maintain your vintage look; yet always be appropriate and fashionable (if your a Doll whom that kind of thing matters).
   Todays outfit of the day is an example of this, it's actually from this past Sunday I wore it to church. Though I personally am a person that wears whatever the hell I want...this particular Sunday I wanted to go for a more traditional look. So feeling a little sixties that day I finally got to pull out this really fun vintage travel dress I'd brought some months back (it came in the original packaging and everything :) ) and a great vintage hat from Egypt. It was a great look


Vintage 1960's A-line travel dress w/ matching string belt  ( from: Wear its at ; a local vintage shop)

Vintage 1950's Egyptian woven straw Calot hat from Egypt with accenting traditional eagle of Saladin.

Earrings: Small wire wrap and glass bead dangles. ( by:unexpected things)

Lipstick: Wet & Wild (color: bright orange)
Bronzer: Wet & Wild Color Icon (Shade: Ticket to Brazil)
(I don't wear foundation)