Friday, December 19, 2014

Pinups for Patriots


       I am a firm believer that its important for a person to devote at least an increment of their time to some charitable work, organization, or good cause. Along with the obvious (which is no one should have to tell you to be charitable) what it does for your sense of self as well as those in need; is more than I can say.  Christmas and New Years  are two of the most popular times of the year in which to volunteer your time to any charitable organization or cause. However i'm sure you've seen reports on the lack of contributions and volunteering through the years. In my opinion there's no greater way to get yourself into the season of giving by combing your sense of charity with something you are already passionate about. And these organizations sorely need your help.
   One of the biggest excuses people give is not knowing where to donate their time. Or not being able to find a place that actually interest them; for many as great a soup kitchen or shelter is, they hold no interest to them. Many are even  quite intimidated once they find themselves in such environments. So if you're like many others and are considering donating money, time, or like me and want to help get the word out about the charity of your choice-your solution is very simple. Combine your interests, hobbies, or talents and make use of them with the corresponding charity of your choice.

    If you're like me   and share a love for the vintage lifestyle;  Pinups for Patriots is an amazing for-profit business bringing back the good old tradition of the original classic pinup.  They're owned by female vets who as of now have twelve different chapters running in twelve states. The organization which is also the nations largest pinup organization- is most known for their famous pinup calendar's which they put out each year. But Pinups for Patriots has proudly grown and prospered into something much more, now have events, tours and much more. Not only do they have a great message but they do an amazing job entertaining our troops both here and over seas, there an amazing morale boaster and that's enough to make this organization a godsend. If you've ever dreamed of becoming a classic true-true blue pinup this is an amazing opportunity and you couldn't pick a better cause. The selection process is stiff, but come on I think we can forgive them for that considering. After all they only want the best our brave patriots. However let me remind you the model is only  a small part of organizations like this one, they need all sorts of volunteers. It never hurts to contact and see what they need, it's for a good cause.

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