Friday, January 2, 2015

Dolls We're Heading Down The Rabbit. Hole...P.S. Alice Not Appropiate

 Don't you miss the days when you had to dress for a night on the town, and actually got some actual entertainment. Many of us vintage lifestyle diehards long for the return of the golden years when a night out didn't consist of a sketchy club and bad music. What the term "a night out" meant then and now has drastically changed.
  Las Vegas's Rose.Rabbit.Lie. at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas brings back the nostalgia of the supper club/social club; but with a modern twist that all kinds of people can enjoy. Its has spontaneity, mystery, live entertainment, great drinks, and better food. But most importantly there no rules "You just come when you want and leave when you wish" ( What could be better than that? This place is a vintage Doll and Guy's wet dream- so I don't know about you but I fully intend to head on down to the Rose.Rabbit.Lie.

Going to a venue like this one gives you one of the few opportunities to really have fun with your outfit, especially if you're shy  and normally wouldn't. Step out of your comfort box. If you normally wear pants try a wiggle dress, or if you're a dark color person try a red dress instead of your go-to LBD. However a great suggestion is what I've done; pick an inspiration look and go form there. Going with Rose.Rabbit.Lie.'s 20's & 30's theme. I decided to go with classic Hollywood starlet Jean Harlow's signature look as my inspiration. It's a fun sultry look as well as flattering for all sizes (though I do highly recommend shape-wear with this one Dolls...we want to look our best) but it allows room for adding your own personal style touches. For example your favorite vintage necklace, a few broaches, or modernize it with a neon colored faux fur bolero and some funky sparkly jewelry. This type of look works much better versus going with a more obvious choice like a flapper look which while it can be very fun and very stylish for many it can also be very costume-like(which we don't like). Here's an example of the perfect Rose.Rabbit.Lie. night out look:

Our Inspiration Look:  Classic Signature Jean Harlow

1. Retro waistcincher in blush from Pinup Girl Clothing
2. 1930's Style Black Harlow style satin gown from Unique Vintage
3. Azurine mink cape vintage from
4.Cuban heel stockings in nude from Pinup Girl Clothing
5.Our Destination the new hotspot Rose.Rabbit.Lie. Vegas's hottest new modern supper club. Meet me there we'll be swinging from the rafters 👄 R.R.L.
6. Satin T-strap Cutiepie in red by Pinup Couture shoes from Pinup Girl Clothing
7.Therese Ahrens Velvet Black and  Pink floral fascinator Hat from ebay  (still available)
8. Hairstyle:
Step 1: Part hair to the right and taking a comb part a section from crown to ear and curl the ends of your hair.
Step 2: Part the first section of your hair and grab two pins and roll it into a pincurl. Continue sectioning your hair in small sections and pincurling it until you reach your ear. If you have any small flower clips that will fit nicely into your pincurls it adds a beautiful feminine touch.
Step 3: smooth back the left side of your hair using a bit of coconut oil to smooth down flyaways, and add your fascinator at an angle.
Step 4: split the back of your hair into two sections and roll it into a pincurl. Make sure each pincurl is facing the other.
If your hair is short another option pincurling your entire hair and sporadically adding flowers to accent the hat. If your hair is long enough a bun would be quite lovely.
9. Silver-Tone Genuine Swarovski Crystal Y Necklace From 1928 Jewelry
(prices range from $29.99-500.00)

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