Friday, January 16, 2015

In a Mysterious Mood; Let's Try My Classicwood Wrap

  I am a strong believer that sometimes a girl wants to look how she feels. If you're feeling quirky you might pull out those great go-go boots and your 60's mini dress. If you're feeling sexy that red wiggle dress and lace garter will certainly do the trick. But when you're feeling mysterious I have the perfect unexpected solution. We'll call this one the Classicwood wrap; I'm sure you can picture your favorite tinsel town actress, singer, or model heading out for a drive. Or an elegant night out, even a stylish way to keep out the bitter cold with a heavier scarf. Don't be afraid to try this on Darlings; its will give you a effortless sexiness that will have all heads turning. This truly is a great vintage look and one of my favorites... so try it out and send in your pics.

The Classicwood Wrap:

  1.  Chose a scarf.  You want a long scarf for this one; it needs to be long enough to wrap around your head and loop around your neck twice. I went with a great find I found at H&M but for anyone that's shopped there. Finding a great scarf in that store is a one in a mill√≥n; so here's two great vintage online boutiques for scarves at both ends at the price spectrum.  Totally Scarves you can find them on etsy the owner sells a collection of beautiful scarves something for every taste. Dressing Vintage is a high-end designer vintage boutique. Their scarf collection is amazing as is other finds. The price point is higher however keep in mind these are vintage designer brands your buying Chanel, Hermes, YSL, get the idea. 
  2.  Fold the scarf duh.  Really simple we're going for a triangle so you have two long tails on either side.
  3. The Tail. Part your hair to the side and pull your hair into a faux victory roll low ponytail. Part two a section of hair on each side and loosely roll it back into the ponytail. Look in the mirror and lift the roll to add fullness. For the back you have two options if you want the scarf to lay very flat and tight to the head. Twist the hair hanging from your pony and make a small tight, tight bun; other wise to give your scarf some fullness let your ponytail hang free. If you have straight hair you can tease it just a bit to give yourself some fullness.
  4. We're getting warm.  Take your scarf and like I demonstrate in the picture place it just behind the faux rolls we've just fluffed up. Snatch a few bobbies and pin the scarf in place (I would place one just about each ear but close to the roll where its concealed).
  5. We're Smoking Dolls. Take the tails of your scarf make sure they're even then cross them and wrap them around your neck twice. You want the scarf to tighten especially on your head. The part that's around your neck should be snug but not uncomfortable. (this look doesn't work if its droopy so take the time to be neat. If you need to twist the tails of the scarf as you wrap do that just make sure its snug against your neck when your done.) End the look with tying the scarf at the side of the neck. This sounds strange but make an vertical bow. Continuing pulling on the bottom tail so that you are only left with the top loop at your shoulder. Fluff it up and tuck in the small bit of scarf left. Or leave it hanging. Top the look of with your favorite shade of matte red lipstick, a vintage pair of cateye shades and a black wiggle dress and Darling you're SMOKING!
This is what you should have....remember send in your pictures of your own versions and variations of my Classicwood Wrap for me to share.

Fashionably Speaking... Joie Cuentista