Thursday, April 24, 2014

OOTD: Feel Like Heading Out / Gab

   Sometimes when it's time to go on those endless errands we find ourselves running we fancy dressing up just a bit instead of looking casual day end and day out. You I think it's one of the biggest things that draws us Pinup and Rockabilly Dolls into the lifestyle. It's that you look around and you wonder what happened to those days when people actually dressed? In our modern times we're surrounded by the casual and lazy, no one wants to put in effort, make an impression, or even bother to care. Girls that should be in pigtails and overalls are wearing daisy dukes and halter tops and I've yet to see a man old or young that can seem to grasp that women don't find it sexy to look at their dirty, dingy underwear. 
    There was a time when you didn't leave the house without putting your best foot forward and started with your appearance cause lets face it Dolls you don't get to have a conversation with everyone you see, whether you like it or not your appearance is in fact your first impression. But looking nice is more than that, its showing you feel good about yourself. That you take time out for yourself and therefore will do so with others and most importantly that you set a standard for yourself that you refuse to let be diminished. But all that seems to be lost, in our world of get what you can quick, low self-esteem, and wavering lines...
Anyway on to the Outfit of The Day <insert drumroll please >

  OOTD: Heading Out
Skirt: H&M Full Crinkle Skirt dusty rose (39.99)
Top: Sheer insert Retro reproduction tee (brought online can't remember which company sorry Dolls)
Hat: Vintage Pillbox Hat from eBay ( of course you can't get this hat but here is the eBay seller, I recommend her highly I do not have a personal relationship with her at all, but I order from her frequently so this isn't an endorsement. )
Jewelry: Pearl & Button Necklace and Earring Set by Unexpected Things (my own jewelry line, I'll have some available for sale soon)

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