Monday, July 24, 2017

HOTD/ Review: Joie And The Battle Against The Frizz!

    So I'm sure many of you can understand the ever going fight against frizzy hair. Lol noone probably knows this more than me, it's like my hair frizzes up just to piss me off. We all have our personal hard earned routines. Me included that consists of  wash twice a week , hair mask, serums, blah-blah-blah. But the second I touch a towel to my head and it doesn't matter what it's made of , whoosh! So I went to air drying which is a major gamble in and of itself. Which leaves us finally to this review/ hair of the day.  Finally I've got a good routine down that works for my hair , especially with the issues I have dealing with my Lupus. I'm also going to share my favorite products and top 5youtube vloggers that helped me with the journey.  Lastly we're going to try out my first blow-dry! I've always been a no heat doll but clearly that's not working with my frizz. So I have  the vintage model Conair diffuser dryer for curly hair to to try out.
         So let's get started Dolls and dukes shall we.

     I am a big  believer in natural and do it yourself products. A lot of people don't realize especially if you are a person like me with health issues. But everything you put your body soaks into your skin and blood stream, etc... And with all the unnecessary products that are in basically everything its something to think about. So whatever I don't make myself I make sure to use natural and organic companies.  Its important to say that I'm not a beautician, or expert! I am just Sharing a routine that has has finally worked for me.

   Pre shampoo Treatment 

I know this kind of thing usually takes time so I tend to reserve it for weekend washes.  But if you have the time on a regular basis your hair will be the healthier for it.


2tbs olive oil
2tbs coconut oil
Spoonful of mayo
Egg white (1)

After mixing all together separate your hair into four sections. Concentrating on your ends distribute the throughout your hair and leave in  for about 10-30 minutes. Then wash, condition, and dry as usual.

Hot oil treatment

This can be done either as a conditioner or a pre-poo treatment. If you find that your hair gets weighed by oils in a negative way, then I suggest using this as an pre shampoo treatment.  You will get the benefits without the negative effects.

1tbs almond oil
1tbs olive oil 
1 the coconut oil 

Warm only enough to for it to soak into your hair. You do not want it to actually be hot or you can be seriously burned. Saturate from roots to ends and cover your hair up. Leave in for 5 - 10 min. and continue the rest of your routine.


Apple cider rinse

In a spray bottle take one part water , and one part apple cider vinegar. Shake up then spray your hair hair down liberally. Put on a shower cap and let sit for 5-10 minutes then rinse and condition as usual.

Coffee\Green Tea rinse 

For you only need to brew an extra strong black large cup of coffee. Let it cool down to room temperature then pour into a spray bottle and wet your hair down from root to shaft.  Leave it in for 15mins the rinse and condition. If you find that the coffee rinse dries your hair you can add a bit of your favorite oil to the mixture.


I personally find that natural shampoos are best. Co-washing is very popular but the truth is it doesn't work on everyone's hair. But if you are someone that needs to wash more than once a week, than you should consider adding it to
your routine.

Carol's Daughter , Mixed Chic's , Joico, keracurl.  are all great products that are both natural, made for curly hair and all ethnicities.


This actually is really important, we use so many hairsprays, pomades, puddings and Lord knows what. Your everyday shampoo\co-washes  will not remove all of that build up. Some shampoos double as clarifer however if yours doesn't adding this to your routine once a month does wonders.

Baking soda clarify

•In a bowl pour in the amount of shampoo you use on your wash day.
•Mix in a tsp baking soda.
•Wash as usual!


When your hair hair is curly conditioner is essential. Dryness causes frizz and breakage and that we don't want. I have found through the years that leave in conditioners give me the most moisturization. Especially during the long haul.

Carol's Daughter hair milk is amazing. As is aphogee's green tea & hask conditioning spray.

Like I said in the beginning I am not a cosmotolgist, these are just things I share from my own experience. However I hope this does help.