Wednesday, April 1, 2015

OOTD: 'A Day at the Doctor's', With a touch of Gab

Art by Joie Cuentista

   Hey there Dolls and Dukes👄. I've missed you all; I know I haven't posted in awhile but there's a reason.  We all know how life can jump up and kick us in the Kobus sometimes. Things haven't been all loco ,First I've had a birthday (on the fourth of march), which was great; an amazing vintage bag was procured during this venture which will be included in a future post. But the other two were not so good. My nana's not doing so well health wise so I've been spending time with her and if you follow me on Facebook (the bane of all our existence) you might have heard me talk about my recent Lupus flare ups (it ain't easy living lupie Dolls).

   Anyway on to happy things Today we've got a supper cute OOTD. Our destination is a trip to the doc's office and nice day out after. I'm sure we all have these days, however I know all too well what that usual Doctor visit go-to consist of. Well I have two things to say to that. One a lady should never walk out in sweats and two there is never a reason not look your best...especially a trip to the doctor.


Vintage Asian print shirt waist dress Sorry guys I can't give you a go-to for this one. It's from Asia I brought it from an estate sale.

Grey pashmina Boscov's this place is great you can get a beautiful pashmina in virtually any color or pattern for about $4.99. For you Doll's and Dukes that are fans of Boscov's second level like me lol... they're having a sale soon
Black waist belt: to add some definition to the dress I added every pinups staple a black waist belt. But to give it a little something extra instead of wearing my flower in my hair I clipped it onto the side of my belt. flowergirl belt
Combat Boots:  I got these black combat boot surprisingly from charlotte ruse. Now they don't have these any more. But this pair is super cute Belted Lug Boots

turquoise teardrop: wire wrap earrings by Unexpected Things my own accessory line.

Hair ,Makeup:
Hair:  For this look we're going with side parted victory rolls. With silver bow hairclips from modcloth  as accents.
I don't wear foundation as you well know so I'm sorry but i can't help you with that department. However, this Dame never leaves la casa without some Red lipstick. For todays look I tried out  Rimmel Alarm . For Bronzer I used ELF Baked Bronzer.

Well that's all for today darlings tell next time...